So I realised I never really posted much on my previous blog and stopped like after about four posts. So instead of getting back on that I decided I’ll just create a new one. One that I can try to dedicate some time to. So yeah here I am again trying to start a new blog. Gotta tell ya though I hate all the fancy layout shit, never really understood things like that.
Okay so I just briefly want to talk about worrying thoughts. We can never seem to escape this phase of constant worry and stress we bring upon our own selves. And the worst is that most of these things we spend so much time thinking about don’t even require us to waste our energy on them, it’s just the same small petty things. We find it hard to find the calm amongst everyday stress not knowing that it’s constantly triggering our immune system to ‘fight’ off this ‘threat’ when in fact there is no real threat.
So how to find peace within all of this? That can be quite tricky. I think the first step we all need to take is one to control our thoughts. Realise that what we worry about are just thoughts and shake them away. Not supression them though, as that can have a negative effect, but just realising they’re not worth the time. That way we can control those minor things that pop into our mind and when there is something important that needs our attention, we can concentrate on that aswell as keeping our cool. You just can’t spend your life worrying about unimportant issues.
It’s just a matter of practice and a matter of realising you are master of your own mind. We usually fail to realise that we are the ones who are in control of our thoughts. We are free.
So yeah that’s all folks. Hasta Lavista.

3 thoughts on “Hola…

  1. Hm. Intriguing. But I argue that the very realization that you can control yourself drives people up the wall. Its hard to grasp that the norm is to be able to control yourself, yet; despite their best efforts people find themselves helplessly at the mercy of their minds. Then there is the stigma with everything that is mind and brain related. This is just murky waters babe, murky.

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