Is social media saving us or destroying us?

Twitter, Facebook, instagram, tumblr and the list goes on and on. Not forgetting how we can link different accounts together too. In an online society like this,  it definitely makes you question how safe you really are, should you be posting all this personal information online? How does it feel knowing all your data is recorded? Scary isn’t it. But is that merely enough to make us stop indulging in the comforts online interaction provides us? Shouldn’t we be using more time in face to face ‘real’ communication?

All these things to consider, yet we simply ignore it like it’s nothing. I mean I certainly do seeing as I’m completely active on a lot of these sites.
I guess they can benefit us in some ways such as forms of expression (like WordPress) and we can discover people or things from all over the world at the touch of a few buttons. Kind of like a personal diary or a friend we’re not too scared to share our thoughts with. Somewhere people like to escape, on the train journey or just when the rest of the real world is a bother. You know when you cannot stand communicating with people and just wish everyone would leave you alone? Yup.
But then again are we just zombies absorbed too deeply in to our phones? We have access to all this 24/7 and it’s absorbing us into the social networking world so much we cannot stay away.
It’s obviously a topic of open debate, good as it is bad. I guess it depends on the indivual and how much involved they are online. I don’t think it’s too bad as long as you keep your sense of self in the real world and not delve too much into the virtual world.
Until next time 🙂


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