The era of contemporary adult romance novels

Okay so being a book lover, I am recently going through a phase for a love of contemporary adult romance novels. I go through different book phases all the time but this is a new one on my list. The definition of contemporary romance is baisically a novel that is set after 1945 and is based in the present time. It does not contain any fantasy or any of the sort but has a more real life storyline. I reckon it’s also becoming more and more popular, since the obviously great launch of 50 shades. Ps did you know it’s on the list of being one of the most popular books? ANYWAY, since that book, readers were looking for another Ana and Christian to re-live hence the launch of more related novels.

Not going to lie, most of the books I have read in this genre, usually contain some sort of rich, handsome guy who instantly falls for a ‘normal’ girl. And by instantly I mean the unrealistic, at first sight kind.  It usually results in the man being some sort of control freak and the girl does not seem fazed or remotely weirded out by his stalkerish behaviour. If you meet a stranger who seems to know everything about you, turns up where ever you are, you do NOT just go giving your all to the guy. No matter how hot he is. It’s scary stuff. Hence my concern for the type of expectations and standards this is holding for young women readers.

However, aside from all the unrealistic factors, I am a sucker for a good book and there have been many that I love in this genre; Bared to you by Sylvia Day, Fixed on you by Laurelin Paige are more along the lines of 50 shades but they DO have individuality and can hold the reader’s interest throughout. There are also others that are far off from the dark, rich guy plot and are great casual reads such as Just Breathe by Rachel Brookes and the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines to name a few. Oh and Wallbanger by Alice Clayton; totally hilarious. I think these books managed to succeed because they contained all the necessary ingredients to make a good romance fiction; a good story line, attachment to the characters, great quotes and romance. Not forgetting originality.
However, some books that have come out, seem sooo repetitive of the storyline; ‘Man is a sadist who likes to beat girls up. They have sex. The end.’ Cringe. It really annoys me at the lack of chemistry some of these novels have. I’m really tempted to name a few but I don’t think I should. I just don’t understand why write a book without any original aspect to it and with really cheesy and uninteresting conversations between the characters. A book is a work of art, it needs an element to it that the reader’s can relate to and feel for. It can be really hard holding your audience’s interest but hey you’re a writer, this is your job!
So I think I shall leave it to that. I might do some actual book reviews in the future too but now I have to get back to my assignment. Happy reading 🙂

7 thoughts on “The era of contemporary adult romance novels

  1. Contemporary romances are my favorites, too, but I tend to avoid the 50-Shades ripoffs. I think you are absolutely right when you say that so many of those lack the chemistry of other contemporary romance novels.

    1. Yeah like I don’t mind if they wanna have the 50 shades kind theme to it but it’s becoming hard to pull it off.

      1. I think a lot of those writers see how successful 50 Shades was and are more interested in cashing in on the fad than writing a quality novel.

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