Divergent: A review

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but I’ve been really busy or when I sit down I just usually don’t know where to start with the awesomeness of this trilogy. I remember back when I read the hunger games a few years back, I was so completely engrossed and loved the whole new world that it had created. After that another young adult fiction trilogy didn’t seem to do it for me. That was until I found Divergent of course. Right so Divergent. What comes to mind when I think about Divergent? Mind blowing, captivating, enchanting, et cetra et cetra. It is highly likely that this review will be slightly biased because I am what you may call sort of a fan girl over this so I apologize for that. Also this might contain some spoilers for those of you who haven’t yet read this and wish to do so, you’ve been warned.

So I’ll start with going over the storyline somehow. It is set in a futuristic setting of Chicago where after a civil war society has created these factions to avoid any future wars so that people may live in harmony, although that wasn’t really the case. Everyone is divided into factions based on their one key character trait.The factions include: erudite (knowledge), dauntless (bravery), abnegation (selflessness), amity (peace) and condor (truth). What your natural instinct believes is important to prosper in a peaceful society is what you are expected to choose when you are 16. The story is based on this girl called Tris and how her journey encompasses when she chooses to become a part of Dauntless and leaves her family behind in Abnegation. Even though she is Abnegation born she does not seem to fit in with their constricted culture. She also discovers she is what they call Divergent and is considered a threat to society but she must keep that secret. I don’t really want to delve too much on telling you about the whole plot because it will literally take me forever as there is just so much going on. So you should read it yourself and find out!

I’m going to be honest, when I first started reading I didn’t expect to like it so much but then I just couldn’t stop and managed to finish the first book the same day. There’s a cliffhanger at every chapter and you’re constantly saying to yourself ‘I did not see that coming’. I think the writer, Veronica Roth, has done a great job of the character portrayal and in making the readers fall instantly in love with them. As annoying as some of those characters may be at times. Take Tris for example, her choices sometimes baffled me. She would choose to lie to the people she is close to and I never could understand why. Her belief of herself always being right also irritated me. Even so, she was a lost girl who was just trying to find her place in the world and discover who she is which is what made me sympathise with her. I particularly liked how she evolved as the book progressed and understood herself and her relationship with others more.

As expected, there does need to be a love interest and a book boyfriend we can all love for this to be called a great book. And to be honest there is a perfect one in the form of Tobias. Tobias Tobias Tobias. When he first appeared I did not see him being the male lead in the story. I mostly thought he would play a villainous role as he was pretty much a bastard (pardon my language). But he is who he is. At first he’s all about giving Tris a hard time but then when she’s in need of help he’s also there for her. He was brutally honest, and fell in love with Tris for her strength not beauty. We’re taken on a journey in the series, with the two of them trying to conquer the problems that keep arising between them. And as difficult as it gets they really don’t give up on each other. However, this isn’t really supposed to be a love story. It’s more about making the right choices for yourself and accepting the person you become.

The action scenes were the best part for me. Veronica Roth depicts those scenes really well and it resulted in there not being a single boring moment in any of the books. Their were constant fights, blood and death. Some extremely tragic. Be warned it contains many deaths of characters you may come to love. I have a tendency to over attach and when I read about characters dying it breaks my heart a little.

The last part in the series didn’t start of so well for me. I was really confused as to how Allegiant started. I honestly had no idea what had just happened but thankfully it got better after the first few chapters and did not disappoint like I had feared. And then again in the last part of the book I was really dissatisfied but it’s not because the book was bad. I just hate when main characters die. It might not even have been really bad but then there were those heart breaking scenes with Tobias and I just thought WHY. I love happy endings and when I didn’t get one I was sort of discontented. I didn’t know whether I loved the ending or hated it.

Oh then there was the movie. I HONESTLY, TRULY can say that this was one of the only movies that did real justice to the the first book. Normally when I read a book and I hear about a movie I’m usually like ‘oh it’s shit’. However for this book, I can say the movie was very much like the book. It contained all the important scenes that it should have. Most significantly, the actors were perfect for the movie. I can’t say there is one character who wasn’t flawless for their role and the producer did an amazing job with the selection. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Theo James is? I loved the way he brought to life Four’s character and I don’t think anyone else could have pulled it off like him. He’s supposed to be scary but also have a soft side to him and that’s exactly what we are given. I particularly liked Christina’s portrayal (Zoe Kravitz). She’s really sassy and speaks her mind. The only thing was though, is that Tris wasn’t supposed to be pretty and in my opinion Shailene Woodley is really pretty.Image

So overall hands down, this is one of my favourites for the year. I hope it stays with me in the long run and just gets better with time. I really have to applaud Veronica Roth for coming up with something really different and giving me characters that I ended up caring for because it was indeed the characters that were the most important for me in the end. I fell in love with each and everyone (especially Tobias). I loved how he was described and the way the scenes enfolded with him. He was strong but then also had his soft side to him with was intriguing. My opinion on this trilogy? Thought provoking and when you think about it, it gives the reader a greater message. How being you is really important and you shouldn’t delve away from who you are and most importantly you can’t go following rules that are supposed to fall in line with the social group you belong in. This book is powerful. Unforgettable. GO READ IT.

2 thoughts on “Divergent: A review

  1. Have you read Legend by Marie Lu? That series is incredible. I preferred it over Divergent, but then again Divergent isn’t really one of my favorites, contrary to you Allegiant did sort of disappoint me, but I do still enjoy the series overall.

    1. No I havn’t read it but I certainly will look in to it if you say it’s better than Divergent. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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