Conforming still?

Wow it’s really been a month or so since I last posted. Had to make uni a priority and stay on top of things but now it’s all done and I have four loooong stress free months all to myself. Hopefully I will try to update regularly.

Today’s topic is conformity. It was just something on my mind so I thought hey why not write about it. I’m sure you all know what it means but in case you don’t it can be defined as behaving in a certain way to blend into a societal group. How are we all conformists then? Well I think It certainly is human nature to do what everyone else does, do what we think is expected of what falls align with the social group we attribute ourselves with. It’s within us all to stay within our comfort zones and it can be really scary to even think about stepping outside the boundaries a little.

But why are we so scared to explore a little? How can we be sure that the group we ‘belong’ to is actually who we really are? It’s one of those things that require a little reflection. If we take the time to think about it we will discover SO many little things about us that will indeed make us different and not apply to everyone else. Sometimes we are just scared to open up and accept those things. We become afraid of what will happen. But will the consequences really be that bad? We all like to think we’re so different but in reality our minds are still narrow minded as always. Even though people may be more open then they were 50 years ago, we’re still in our little bubble that we consider safe.

This is a topic that sometimes really irks me. I like to think I have zero concern of people’s opinions and that I am free to be who I am without any outside influence. That’s the way it should be. We shouldn’t be thinking twice about things like are we wearing what other people are wearing, or if we’re doing things that other people around us are doing. We should wear what we want to wear. Do what we wanna do. Sounds difficult but I guess you just have to disconnect yourself from everyone else and think about yourself as a lone person for a change.

So if someone was to ask you, ‘who are you?’ how would you describe yourself? Would you associate with things that fall in line with your ethnicity group for example or would you look within to answer.

That’s all folks!

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