Hip hop is dead?

I know Nas said it and I know hearing this gets old but hip hop is dead. Music really is not as good as it used to be. Nowadays there’s no realness to it, people rarely do it for the expression, they do it for the fame. I am just sick to dead with money, bitches and hoes.
Money, bitches and hoes.
And Repeat.
Maybe it just is my opinion and about what I like but it doesn’t really change the fact that the reason for music has changed. It seems like every artist is just picking up the same formula, over and over again with maybe just a change in beat. It gets old. Boring. I listen to every genre whatever’s good, and when it comes to hip hop it should be about impact like it originally was. I’m not saying people can’t do new things, by all means go ahead but the root of where it all started should always remain. Listening to old material it’s obvious it was about the story behind the words, the hidden meanings, the experiences, tragedies, feelings all wrapped up in one beautiful label of hip hop. The listener could go along with the song, actually taking a glimpse into the life and the message that the artist is trying to convey. Maybe it changed someone’s life. That is hip hop. Not this bullshit about sex, drugs and money. It leaves a serious doubt about where the new generation is heading if they’re being given this crappy material. It’s an easy form of manipulation and subliminally influencing the ideas and values people hold most important.
Change is usually good no doubt but if you do it for the money and basic attention then it really messes up the bigger picture. There’s hardly any freedom or creativity involved.
But there are still a few I’d say I can keep faith in to stick to originality and make you feel something while listening. Such being the likes of J.Cole, the whole of black hippy (my favourite), Wale. But if the rest are teaming up with people like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, that says a lot in itself.
Maybe it’s because I love literature that I only enjoy music with a solid lyrical sense to it. People now only look for the beats they don’t listen to the words. The mind ends up in a state of trance thinking only about drugs, sex blah di blah. Maybe it’s because I’m just an older soul, belonging in a different generation. Krs-one, Nas, Outkast etc , their days are looong gone and I highly doubt things will improve for music in general. It all looks downhill from here.

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