Role models in the media

The media has become such an engrained part in our lives whether we acknowledge it or not. These days everything we do or everything we believe in can somehow be related back to the media. Is it doing us any good though? In many ways yes, but in others no. Maybe it’s causing more damage than we realise? It’s a debatable point especially when it comes to the way media presents role models. It’s unreal how important a part they can play in decisions and people’s self-image and mostly not in a good way.

We see so many women on screen now, mostly skinny as hell, and I have no idea why but for some reason everyone wants to look like that. Some people will go to certain extremes because they want to be like that and the results? Major self-esteem and health issues. No way can your life be made better if you try looking like any one on screen. Why do people consider skinny as ‘pretty’? Why is no one happy with the way their body looks as it is? I would say it has definitely something to do with the way women are portrayed because whether you comprehend it or not but the media does indeed affect your expectations and self-image negatively.

And how is that effecting younger children? We know from social learning theory (forgive me for getting my Psychology involved…I can’t help it) that children do tend to learn the behaviour they observe from role models, depending on reinforcement. So if that child is looking up to someone encouraging negative behaviours then that child is learning those and who knows they might one day carry out those deeds if there’s enough reward involved (maybe being praised?).

Instead of teaching you to be happy with the way you are they want you to look a certain way, be a certain way. There is no beauty in changing yourself when it gives you self-esteem issues. I dislike models ramp walking to, mostly because they’re all under this fake façade trying to present how a woman should be when it’s a bunch of bull. Most of them probably manipulating their weight in unhealthy ways and no one should reduce their weight so unnaturally because apparently it ‘looks good’.

And what is with the totally flawless, inhuman like skin? As if anyone can look like that in real life though. Most images of media presented women are 100% of the time photo shopped. How can you look like a fake ‘pretty’ picture though? Its make-up darlings and make-up is falseness. Even if it may make you more attractive on the outside, it’s not the only thing that should matter because you’ll just be left feeling miserable trying to be someone you’re not. As cheesy as it sounds but beauty is most definitely that which is natural and that idea is what should guide women, those are the sorts of things they should be showing on TV. Role models shouldn’t be people who look good on TV but they should be people who inspire you to be better from within, not with outward appearances.

So yeah just thought I’d have a little rant. Until next time beautiful people.

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