Monster In His Eyes – J.M.Darhower (A Review)


You know when you read a book once, then you continue to think about it after you’ve finished, then you read it again because you loved it that much? Yeah this is one of them. I feel I won’t be able to praise it enough because it was so goddamn good. I’ll start with the basics and lay out some of the story for you without ruining the book.

The main character is an 18 year old Krissy who’s a university student and she’s moved away from her mother for the first time and after a life of travelling from place to place she finally feels like she’s found somewhere she belongs. And then one day baboom finds herself face to face with Ignazio Vitale (Naz). And yup you recognize a bad guy when you see one you just don’t comprehend the danger. So things get going between them. He’s actually twice her age but the book doesn’t highlight that as being an issue, the main twist lies elsewhere which comes right at the end. Not saying any more!

It’s written well, I mean really well which is what grasped me in the most. Because it’s a story about suspense, it was written in ways that make you question what’s happening and it gets the reader to delve in to the atmosphere the author is trying to create. There are some crazy scenes and hats off to the author again for presenting them in a beautiful way even if they are kinda eerie. So be warned for some strange scenes to enfold. It’s more or less like a dark fairytale, he makes her feel like cinderella in a twisted way but that’s the realness of it I guess. It’s not your usual type of romance and there’s mystery. Oh so much mystery. This isn’t a book about sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. It’s murky. It’s about pain,regret, revenge and obsession. Whether it’s Krissy’s obsession with Naz or Naz’s obsession with Krissy.

And the feeling you get while you’re reading the story like you know something bad is about to happen. Krissy is too innocent and you want to tell her noooo girrrrl what are you doing at all, you just know she’s on a path to getting her heart broken soon. I’d say the only problem I had while reading it was how she got so deeply involved and didn’t question what Naz does in life once. She practically has no idea what he does for a living and she knows nothing about his history. However she’s possibly one of the few heroine’s who hasn’t pissed me off. I love her character presentation and development throughout and i think after being secluded from most things in society she learns her biggest lesson of life through Naz and wahay she’s not so innocent any more in the end.

Another great thing I loved about this book was the prologue and epilogue. It starts off with Krissy talking about how much she hates Naz and it’s a powerful technique used by the author to be honest, it makes the reader keep going and read till the end to find out what took place to make her hate him. Then the epilogue at the end continues from the prologue and she talks about that even so she loves him. Brilliant.

I don’t think it’s possible to praise this enough and I’m just sat here waiting on the next part ‘Torture in her soul’. You can buy the ebook on amazon

This goes straight to the favourite pile and nope Ignazio Vitale is definitely not a good man.

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