Leave it to destiny

Destiny, fate and all that. You know the term ‘leave it to your destiny’. Everyone just wants to blame ‘destiny’ for everything. It’s an easy way out, instead of owning up to our actions and admitting our mistakes, we love to say that it was what destiny had decreed for us. Want to know what I think? It’s all a load of rubbish. Of course what we decide to ultimately do is on us.

In my opinion, the paths we decide to take whether knowingly or unknowingly, are what cause the end results. We are are product of the directions we choose to follow. I know people are afraid of accepting their choices because it can be hard coming to terms with being in the wrong when you take the less favoured path but you’re the one who chose to walk that way the first place, maybe because it fell in line with your beliefs at that point in time and if that choice doesn’t agree with you right now doesn’t mean it was destiny’s fault. Nuh uh. It was yours. As humans it’s difficult for us to accept fault when things go wrong and blaming things like fate becomes easy so we resort to those ideas continuously.

Even if you’re religious or personal beliefs agree with their being such a thing as destiny, it doesn’t mean you do nothing to improve your life. People just sit back and not do anything to improve their situation but tell me, if you’re not going to do anything to improve your status right now then how is destiny going to do its job? Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fate but I also believe that we can create our own destiny. There is nothing to stop us but ourselves. If we have free will and we make our own choices then how do we not create our own futures?

So then are we masters of our own universe? What’s meant to be will be right? Or not? To an extent I would say that’s true. Something’s can prove to be beyond our control. But my point is only that we shouldn’t always resort to blaming our fate but we should also try our damn hardest. It doesn’t matter if we fail at least we can say that we tried to create our own fate.Keeping this post short. Adios amigos.

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