Why women bash other women

With it being the 21st century and all, you would think the modern woman would know her full worth and be eager to help fellow women progress and prosper. It should be surprising how things seems to be progressing backwards instead of forward but I guess some things never change. Us females are very predictable creatures in certain situations. Can a woman’s logic be reduced so simply? I don’t know may be. This might sound a bit strange coming from a woman herself but let’s see.

When meeting another woman there are usually smiles and pleasantries all around but as soon as one turns the other cheek there’s a cringe where the previous smiles were. Yup females can be arrogant like that. And it’s worse because most of the bashing will be done behind backs and never to the face. Women are so critical of each other than men will ever be. I honestly am not trying to be stereo typical in any sense, I just wanted to acknowledge on something I have noticed.

When you think about it, it all comes down to a few reasoning’s; jealousy, insecurity, seeing another as competition and just to feel better about oneself.  It’s amazing because the disliking will come from things so trivial such as what she is wearing and then it will be turning to the friend you’re with and having a little bitch session. Where does it all stem from and what is it exactly that causes all the claws to come out? Is it jealousy? Well it sure as hell plays a major part in all of it. Jealousy is probably one of the worst things you can feel because it can bring out the worst in people. Truly the poor woman under your inspection has done nothing to deserve your biased judgements. Just because may be you can’t pull of what she’s wearing. Another powerful woman can remind us of all the things we don’t possess. That doesn’t mean we’re any lesser beings though, it just means that we are human and everybody is a little different.

But it happens that one will see all other women as competition. She has something that I don’t have so I will try to make my self feel better by resenting her. Even the ones in the close circle will essentially be seen as a threat because surprise surprise, they have something we don’t. Well honey I got news for you, you can’t possess each quality God’s sent down. So that being said, the results are usually bitching to a fellow sister about another. Drama. It’s unfair to make such narrow minded judgements. Hug it out girls. And I have to add the worst comes out when a woman sees another with a man who she finds appealing. Now secretly she’s wishing she had that arm candy with her but on the outside the comments will reside as something like ‘she’s a slut, can tell that won’t last, he’s not even in to her’ etc etc. Is it so hard to just be happy for our lady and accept that she’s happy with her man? The answer should be no. There are other ways to increase your self-esteem, just give yourself a pep talk in the mirror and you should be good (no I don’t actually do that myself).

I feel like this is a good time to talk some Psychology. Social learning theory may play a role when it comes to the influence a mother has on her daughter because the mother is a model figure to the child. There are mothers who can be pretty demanding of their little girl and instead of being kind and supportive they say hurtful things. And it’s found that women who show more disliking towards other women were probably raised by a mother who was unsure of herself and wasn’t exactly friendly towards other women either. So yeah go motherhood!

Why we see our fellow sisters as a threat is beyond comprehension when you truly think about it. Every woman should help another woman by acknowledging her successes and standing for her through her falls. We should all just braid each others hair and have a little tea party and eat cake together. Really, let’s do that ladies.

4 thoughts on “Why women bash other women

    1. Yeah I’m just a bit concerned with how we’re supposed to develop when these petty behaviours are so common. I’ll have a look at the post :-). Thanks!

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