Broken by A.E. Murphy


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This has encompassed any expectations I had before I started reading. I am in absolute awe of what I just experienced in this story. I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with a book. Yup. That’s the only way I can describe it. I love when I discover new authors that I have never really heard about and the talent that shines through the book is something I absolutely cherish. I couldn’t give this any less than 5 stars because that’s what it most definitely deserves.

The story is set in England, somewhere near London (not any place I have ever seen) and it is told from the eyes of the main character Gwen. So one day Gwen is walking along some beach and she happens to meet Caleb and it’s almost like love at first sight. Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t find it cheesy at first and one thing I hate is instant love, but as the story goes along, I began to accept it because it fits in with the storyline. So Gwen and Caleb become inseparable, he’s the perfect man and one you can only dream about. Her world revolves around him and his hers. After a couple of years things go downhill and she finds herself with boxes of all her belongings in her car with no where to go and a baby in the making. But help finds her in the most least likely of all places, in the form of Caleb’s older brother; Nathan.
Now my heart broke when things first began to go in the wrong direction. It was so perfectly written than anyone would feel the heartbreak that Gwen experienced. I usually tend to avoid books that have too much pain composed in them because you as a reader experience every emotion along with the character in the book and I get way too emotional over books so you can imagine I bawled like a baby. But I still don’t regret this book. Nuh-uh not one bit. Then things begin to look up for Gwen but like real life, good things don’t last and she has to deal with her fair share of drama. That is another thing I admired, the grasp on reality the story possessed. This is no fairy tale.
But don’t think this story is all that depressing. There were some very entertaining interactions between Gwen and Nathan, I constantly found myself giggling like a muppet at what I was reading. Gwen is a heroine worthy of admiration. After the hell she goes through, she’s still carrying on with her life. I think I have to point out, that the story enfolded in detail between Gwen and Nathan, and that is what made it so good in the end. the reader gets to feel all the emotions and understand everything that goes on.
The ending totally tore me. I thought the first heartbreak was bad but then BOOM out of nowhere another tragedy for poor Gwen. The girl can’t seem to catch a break. She really doesn’t deserve all the shit people give her but I guess one of the morals of this story is that you’re alone in your journey of life. I cannot wait to start reading book 2 ‘Connected’! I recommend this to everyone! There’s originality, reality and I promise you, you will not regret reading this. And it’s free on Amazon! GO GRAB.

Footprints are an amazing thing, even the ones you can’t see. They make you wonder who’s walked right where you’re walking. Who’s travelled this same path? What were their concerns? Who did they love? Are they still alive? 

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