Why It’s important to do what you love

I often find that people look at the wrong things when it comes to work. In a lot of cases people are involved in a job that just does not make them happy. Maybe they do it for the money or maybe because they feel that they are expected to do such a job but I only ask, what’s the actual point if you cannot even enjoy what you do? Is money really that important that we risk what we truly want to do for something that just brings us a good income?

Now yes money is most definitely important because without it we wouldn’t be able to provide food or clothing or shelter for ourselves. And being human we always crave more of it, more of the worldly goods that can’t really give us much in the long run. Sure we’ll have a more than necessary luxuries but can those luxuries truly provide happiness? So you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job that you’re in just because it’s convenient for you. You’re getting paid but you absolutely hate it. Can you really see yourself doing that for the next 10 years knowing how miserable it’s making you?

I don’t think there should be involvement in a job just for the sake of it being a job. Many things could go downhill, you’ll lose interest and most likely will not perform to the best of your ability and even if you do have good performance, you’ll be bored out of your mind. That to me has no value! There are many people who want to go for the popular jobs just because they think they’ll make a good career out of it amongst them being lawyers and accountants. Now I’m not saying people can’t enjoy practising in law or counting money for a living (that’s what accountants do right) but I am saying that I know many people will choose those career paths because they think it brings them some sense of security for the future. Why not spend time in a career that makes you happy instead? There’s nothing that says you can’t make good money from doing what you love.

Life is way too short to waste any precious time being unhappy, so even if it takes long, investing that time going towards achieving a dream, as small as it may be, will in turn reap you with long term benefits and on the plus side you get to enjoy the journey that took you there. Well that’s just my way of thinking anyway because money isn’t way to happiness in the end! So if you want to be a cook, a writer, even a dog walker for a living then go ahead why the hell not there’s nothing stopping you. Just because it’s not what people consider the best of jobs, doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best of a job for you.

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