Arouse (Spiral of Bliss #1) by Nina Lane


Rating: 3.5 stars

Arouse is a story about a married couple named Olivia and Dean and the trials their marriage goes through after discovering new things about each other for the first time. It’s a story about how we are always learning and developing no matter the point in a relationship. It’s not often we get to read a story that starts with a couple already at a deep point in their relationship but mostly we see couples who are just starting to fall in love. It makes you realise that perfection in fact isn’t real but we must always struggle.

You fall seven times and you get up eight 

I would like to start by saying that I did not like the first few chapters. I have no idea why but they weren’t as attracting to me for me to deem the story as intriguing so my first impressions were pretty bad. I thought I wouldn’t like it and I came really close to abandoning to story in between. However, things started getting interesting after a while as the story progressed and after a marriage of such power, it was hard to decipher what could even happen to make two people so close, become so unsure of where they stand in the relationship. After that I was lured back in and could not stop reading. There was just something about it that had me racing to finish the book.
Dean is a professor for medieval history and Nina still seems to be searching for what she wants to do in her life. They were happily married for 3 years with no issues whatsoever but after realising that nothing can be as perfect, they begin having problems and seem to question if they are indeed ‘happily’ married. Olivia has never had anyone completely in her life apart from Dean so the struggle has a hard toll on her. It was a nice read. Yeah just nice, nothing too special that wowed me. At many points I found myself wondering why what was happening was even happening. It just seemed like they were dragging this tiff out and just get over it. The story is mainly told from Olivia’s point of view with a few additions to the story from Dean’s perspective. I couldn’t really understand her at times so that is why I question my enjoyability for this book. Conversation between them was also kind of a bore at times. It mostly consisted of them asking each other about their day and Olivia listening to Dean go on and on about history. If that’s what she found attractive then it’s completely fine but I doubt it as she doesn’t even understand what he’s talking about half the time. But I have to say his description of being tall, confident and handsome grabbed my attention.
Right so lets get to the good points. I have to say that their willingness to make their marriage work no matter what was something I adored. Nowadays people give up to easily and I was happy that this certain couple were ready to go to bounds limitless to save what they have with each other. This story also represented normal life and was nothing out of the ordinary. They were just an average couple, going through average life issues and it was a pleasant change from all the typical romances recently. Dean was such a good, loving husband too. He was the image of perfection and a perfect role model for all men. 

My husband is a handsome man, built like an athlete rather than a scholar…..he’s tall with hard muscles and broad shoulders, his dark brown hair threaded with a few distinguished strands of grey. He has beautiful eyes, chocolate-brown and framed with thick lashes that offset the strength of his cheekbones and jaw. He also has a great sense self-confidence and dignity 

There are also some flashbacks added to the story about how they met and the beginning of their relationship. Those flashbacks were my favourite bits as they were so beautifully written and Dean was so perfect to her. I found myself smiling at what I was reading.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a break from all the fast paced, drama filled romances to experience a powerful love of two very likeable characters. Olivia’s actions are questionable at times and you may find her actions overbearing and completely uncalled for but that won’t stop you from wanting to find out what will be the end for this couple. This is a touching story and if it doesn’t pull you in at the beginning just give it some time! It grows to become enticing that it will be difficult to put it down. You learn about Dean and Olivia slowly as the story progresses and soon you’ll be enraptured in to their world and beautiful story. I cannot wait for the next book after how the first one ended and I will definitely be reading it soon!

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