“Your life may be a struggle…but for some it’s worse”

I’ve been wanting to say something regarding the hell on Earth being leashed on our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, the Palestinians but I didn’t really know how to go about it. I’m not really one of those people who like to preach a lot about what’s going on in the world, how there are numbers in thousands of suffers because clearly, yes there are but I’ve always wondered why hype over something you can do nothing about. Does having a voice count for something? Undeniably, your voice is all you have to be able to express your feelings like you should as I’m sure the majority will agree. Even if you are unable to cause an evident dent in the problem you are raising your voice for, at least you can be content that you did something. Yeah it wasn’t physically combating the issue but hey, it’s important to acknowledge it and put it out there.

I don’t believe in racism. I don’t believe that being part of a particular race, culture or religion automatically make you superior to another person. I’m no mother Theresa, but I do strongly believe in peace. I don’t believe in hurting another human being because you take it upon yourself to judge and deem them as not worthy. Every human is equal to another and that is the simple truth. We are all the same whether we see it or not. Except that some of us think ourselves as better for some reason. Pride? Envy? Power? I don’t know what the reason but it is not right to oppress another human life and cause so much torture and taking away the freedom of living a peaceful life. It is not right that families are being torn apart from their own homes, the one place that we all call our sanctuaries. You tell me, do all those innocent women, men and children deserve to live a miserable life? The only way you can answer that is by putting yourself in their shoes. Where are the world’s so called leaders when there’s clearly people dying all the time in Gaza? If our televisions are supposed to gain us much knowledge about the world and what’s going on then why is it currently silent on such tragic happenings in Gaza? Why do other countries refuse to make a big issue of something that actually matters? Why is no one sending in their help?

That was much of what I wanted to say really. I’m not one who participates or believes in involvement of all these charities going on nowadays because clearly I don’t believe that all the money raised actually goes to those in need during their times of crisis. I would give to charity, if my heart believed that the money was going where it should be. But I don’t so there lies that problem. So what can I do, really that will be considered as making a difference to our pathetic excuse of humanity. I guess that is still up for me to discover. In the meantime this is me trying to do something in my own way by writing it down. 

4 thoughts on ““Your life may be a struggle…but for some it’s worse”

    1. Yeah, I usually don’t rant like this about these things but I guess it needed saying. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I’m not the biggest believer in social media to bring change (which is ironic since it’s my current medium). However, I do believe that by staying true to a cause and not just jumping on the bandwagon for a week or two in which a cause is a “hot” topic, we are able to start bringing awareness – specially living in a world where the media brainwashes people instead of objectively informing us.

    Great post (or rant)!

    1. Agreed! You have to have the correct motivation and belief in a cause. It’s not just a matter of ‘Everyone’s doing it then so will I’ (even though it still gains attention for the cause). Yep. The media can be the biggest manipulator.

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