Midnight Everlasting by S.M. Stelmack (The UnderCity Chronicles #2)


Rating: 5 stars

This story has a way of luring you in, make you obsessed and eager to do nothing but read it until it’s finished. This is what I was like, I had to constantly remind myself of the important tasks that I still needed to do. There’s just something about it that’s so captivating as I’m sure every reader will experience when they read this book.

This is the second book in the series ‘The UnderCity Chronicles’. In this book we are back on the adventures taking place underground in the long forgotten tunnels and what not but this time it’s set in London instead of New York. Unlike the last book, this follow up consisted of entirely new characters; Zephanie Sweetly and Tom Coyle. Tom is a private investigator of sorts and helps find missing people. This has been what seems to keep him going after his sons tragic and unexpected disappearance ten years ago. Zephanie is very familiar with the underground and it’s inhabitants like the back of her hand. But there are some things even she was kept in the blind about and those secrets are revealed as the story progresses. After an accident deep in the tunnels where a lot of lives are brutally taken by the creatures named rawheads, Zephanie looks to Tom for help finding an important client of hers and in return she ensures him that his can be found too. Only his abilities in discovering people are not the only thing she’s interested in, the truth runs much deeper.

I found every page to be a new adventure where I was constantly discovering more about this fictional world that the authors created only it seemed so very real. It’s one of those fantasies that draw you in to their world completely. I forgot how much I loved a good adventure. Every chapter there are new things to discover and I was constantly like ‘nooo, what’s happening!’ It’s very fast paced so you can be sure there’s not a single boring moment.

The story does carry on from the last book even though their are new characters, the ultimate message in the end is the same. There is some mention of previous characters however so it was nice to know that they weren’t forgotten! But I have to say, all expectations were surpassed as I absolutely fell in love with the story. Even with all the horrors crawling through the dark and gritty underworld.

I fell in love with Tom somewhere along the story. His character showed so much determination and strength and he never gives up finding his son. He sticks strong to his morals and beliefs and it’s something you begin to admire. Zephanie played the role of a strong female lead. The queen of the underground. Even as she encounters the horrors of the tunnels she never shows fear or wavers from her goal. So I guess they both were similar in many ways.

I just had one complaint. I’m not much of a fan of insta-love so it was hard for me to see feelings being developed in such a little amount of time. However I can see how it fit in to this story, it wasn’t the cheesy kind of love story where both parties shower each other with affections and compliments. It was more of a relationship where one restores hope in the other and they both experience something tremendous together in their lives with each other as a companion, that brings them closer.

I also have to point out the very well usage of Brit language. I often find that writes tend to go a little overboard with British culture and adding ‘tea and crumpets’ to everything a little too much. (Most of us don’t even have crumpets). Anyway, I am so glad they didn’t go overboard with the language instead it was put into play perfectly and I laughed at the fact that Zephanie said ‘…yeah?’ at the end of every sentence. Sounds very much like myself.

The writers have written this story in such a brilliant way. It’s told in third person with the views from Tom and Zephanie however there are little inputs among the chapters as other scenes take place with various other important characters (can’t reveal them as it will bring spoilers to the story!). This gained my attention even more as we’re not always shown inputs from other important characters or scenes that may have took place, in books. It gives the reader an idea of what else is happening and the reasons behind it. It also helps in understanding the story a little bit more.

Overall this proved to be a very enjoyable, very graphic read. I recommend it for everyone! There’s a little bit of input from every genre; romance, suspense, thriller, fantasy. But the main aspect that held the story together was romance. It was supposed to show the importance of love in ones life. This is a book that readers can fall instantly in love with (well I certainly did). I am eager for the next part after the way this book ended! I’ll be waiting (impatiently) to discover what happens in the next book from this series.

You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. Pieces of a puzzle don’t fit together because they’re smooth and whole but because they’re broken and rough in the right places.


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2 thoughts on “Midnight Everlasting by S.M. Stelmack (The UnderCity Chronicles #2)

  1. I love the way you get so lost in a book! This series is a bit reminiscent of one I’ve blogged about:
    and the sequel

    These are for a younger audience, but they take place in New York City, and a lot fo the action is in a series of tunnels under the city.

    I agree with you completely about insta-love. I call it instadore – because it’s not really love!. It’s not natural and it can often spoil a story. I don’t like that so many female writers insist that a girl has to have a man to be complete – like she can’t be a whole person by herself. Ugh!

    1. Yes! In a lot of new adult book thats a problem. But I think it fit in okay with the storyline in this book. It was the guy who fell ‘instantly’ but Zephanie was hung over him for a long time.

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