Fearscape (Horrorscape book#1) by Nenia Campbell



Rating: 4.5 stars

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult

I got this book from smashwords on offer because I’ve had the privilege of reading the IMA series of Nenia Campbell’s (which I am a big fan off) and so decided to give this series a go. Her writing and story managed to captivate me previously so I thought she’d do the same with this series and I wasn’t wrong. While Fearscape is completely different to ‘The IMA’, it still was alluring and very enjoyable I must say.

The main plot consists of a naive ans sweet girl named Valerian who’s intrigued and fascinated by an older boy, Gavin, who shows an interest in her. It’s deeper then kids her age and while it sparks excitement within her, it also gives birth to fear and horror, as she explores the possibility of whether or not he has any links to her stalker. And no this isn’t a love story (or doesn’t seem like it at the moment after only reading the first book anyway).

At first I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about reading a young adult book, especially since the main girl was so young. I haven’t read a young adult in a really long time, mostly because the minds of teenagers usually bypass me and irritate me to great extents. However, this book didn’t really contain that sort of immature and teenage drama, it was written in third person so it wasn’t like a young girl telling her thoughts. It was written more in a way of a scene you may witness playing out in front of you while you’re in the background, not experiencing it directly as the person whom the story is about. This didn’t diminish the quality of the story in no sense though, it rather played as a power towards making this particular storyline even more intriguing. It makes the reader repeatedly wonder about the different feelings and outcomes that may possibly come to pass. Therefore as a reader, I was continuously engaged in the story. Many people think writing in third person somehow lessens the quality and likeability of a book but I beg to differ. There are different circumstances and storyline’s that require writing in third person to allure a reader. While at other times it becomes important to write first person. Like I said it all depends on what exactly it is you’re writing about. And due to this being a thriller, it adds a certain sense of wonder to it.

I finished this story in a matter of a couple of hours, it wasn’t very long and I was glued to reading. I was in fact, in the midst of company among some of those hours as well. That didn’t stop me from reading. I constantly told myself to put it away and socialise but I decided I’d rather read. If that helps me get across the point better of how enjoyable this book was. I think the fact that it was short helps it become a great read as well. There weren’t any unnecessary babbling that had no point in the actual story but every little bit that was told had a part to play and there was no beating around the bush with irrelevant talk. However, may be if there had been a little more anticipation and may be even if the ‘action’ scenes were made a little longer, it would have made the book even better. Just my biased reader opinion though.

I now have to purchase the second book though, there is no denying that I will be restless until I give myself the pleasure of reading it. I recommend this to anyone to enjoys not particularly nice guys and who like a bit of tension and suspense in their stories. Also please don’t be put off by how young Valerian is. It’s still immensely enjoyable!

Can you feel the ties that bind us? Can you feel them tightening? Because I can, and they’re so tight that I can scarcely breathe.

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2 thoughts on “Fearscape (Horrorscape book#1) by Nenia Campbell

  1. Hello…just wanted you to know that I stopped by and I am a big suspense/thriller fan so I will be looking to check out some of these titles. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. The Horrorscape series is one of my favourites from the genre. Hope you enjoy!

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