Horrorscape (Horrorscape book #2) by Nenia Campbell


Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult

So I managed to read the second book in the series a day after finishing the first! I am addicted!
Book two takes you on a path of more action, more danger and more obsession on behalf of Gavin only this time he’s evolved in to a man capable of far more dangerous things and he may prefer the use of a different name. There are new characters introduced to us and they all possess different qualities worthy of interest. Valerian has also grown out of her cocoon into a butterfly and the only thing that scares her is Gavin returning and clipping her wings.The whole book has one single setting, and all the action takes place in one night. Gavin (or GM) likes to play games similar to chess but he’s using human participants this time. Taking them on quests around the creepy Gothic home. It was like being in a haunted house, trying to find a way out when in the end there’s no escape. All Val feels is fear and dread of what may come. But may be there’s a hint of something else there which she never thought possible. Anticipation? Excitement? Submission?

Val’s character completely enthralled me. Even in constricting fear she was able to fight back, as poorly as it may have been. Her fear was understandable, deep down she knew he would always return some day. In any other book, it would have been expected of the heroine to fall wholly in love with the guy who stalks her, who wants to take control of her. As much as I like reading stories separate from normal life, this book entails what would most likely come to take place, if ever someone found them selves in that actual situation. No woman would show anything but fear when faced with a man that shows the inhumane qualities possessed by Gavin. You would all make a beeline to get as far away from that man as possible. Even though, in books we do get to see behind the scenes, we get to see more of the character then the characters themselves, which makes it easier to sympathise with the ‘bad guy’. We as a reader seem to see what others can’t and may be there’s something in our human nature which makes us enthralled by danger.

Normally, I would have been put off by the fact that for the whole book they never really moved to a different place and they were stuck in one house. You would think that may be the story would have probably moved slow if that is the case. However, it was really not. There was more going on in this book then there is in other stories where there are more settings and scenes. Everything played out so brilliantly, I was on constant alert about whatever was happening. The fact that there were scenes narrated from the points of Gavin himself, was something that played out really well in my liking for this book.

The ending was something I wouldn’t have guessed would happen. Who knew Val could be so strong? She never ceases to amaze. The perfect heroine! Now it’s time for book three. I’m on a roll and I cannot be stopped.If you haven’t had the privilege of reading this book yet, you’re missing out!

“Are you frightened? Do I frighten you? I should. Because first you must play the game for more than you can afford to lose. Sacrifice everything. Learn true fear.

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