Terrorscape (Horrorscape book #3) by Nenia Campbell


Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

This is officially my favourite book in the series. I couldn’t have anticipated better scenes to take place. It was simply brilliant. I was supposed to write this yesterday but I couldn’t find a quiet place to sit and contemplate so here it is; a day later after finishing reading. Please be aware that this book contains 18+ content. There are aspects of rape and violence and therefore may not be appropriate for the faint hearted.

In this part, the story takes on a more adult part. It’s not child’s play any more. There’s more danger, more fear, more mind fuckery on behalf of Gavin. Valerian decides the best way to deal with everything that has come to pass, would be to leave everything behind. She feels too weak, too alone, to deal with all the problems that come her way. Escape seems to be a good idea to her. So that’s what she does, she flees. She changes her hair colour. The same fiery red that Gavin was obsessed with. But knowing Gavin nothing can keep him from her, as long as she’s breathing and as long as he is. Things are different this time around, more intense and gritty.

The story differentiates from other books with ‘bad guys’. It shows a point that others have yet to explore. Where most writes look to making the impossible happen and pair up the ‘good’ with the bad’ this book just shows the reality of what would actually happen should such things happens in real life. The fact of the matter is that people don’t really change. we can’t change who we are just for another person, same as Gavin is who he is and he can’t change his actions for the benefit of making another happy. Because he has no care or empathy for regarding the feelings of Val. To him it’s a game and that’s what it always will be. So again I’ll say that people don’t really ever change and beasts cannot be tamed. They may only be accepted as they are in their whole messed up package. And Valerian is the girl who understood that simple fact and the dangers of a man incapable of love. it’s just a question of whether the sacrificial changes to the self will be made in order to be with that kind of man.

Coming to talk about Gavin, it’s normal to have a psychopathic personality type believe it or not. It doesn’t always mean that you grow to become a killer. Other factors can influence that such as maybe your upbringing or the genes passed on to you by your predecessors. I’m glad we got to see the Metozzi household. It gives the reader knowledge about Gavin and his upbringing, seeing as his mother left him to be and that it’s considered normal for them to do as they wish. When the people who are supposed to provide a loving home don’t seem to care then I guess that’s also a trigger for the killer within to come out and play. He lacked empathy therefore he didn’t really consider the consequences or guilt of his actions. These kinds of people aren’t exactly ‘crazy’ either. No not really. I do believe that these kinds of personality types have a higher than average IQ. With Gavin I think, if he even did have that capacity to love somewhere deep down then this is the only method he adopts that shows any hint of that emotion. He may not know expression but he wants to possess the only thing that’s even remotely matters and that’s Valerian. But Val doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of this possession game. She wants to be an equal not a toy. I have to say that every emotion described on her part was written really well. I understood her and it’s a rarity that such descriptions are ever so realistic.

I enjoy books where the bad guy is also considered as being a person worthy of love but I just love the fact that this series was so different. This book displays what would in fact happen if that man incapable of feeling, the one who is wrecked inside, truly lost his path and became something from a nightmare. The one who has no sense of right and wrong and everything become mere fun and games.

I’m sorry if my rambling feels a little like a Psychology lesson, it’s just that I had so many thoughts cross my mind while reading this and I felt it appropriate to share. The main attraction the whole book held for me was the originality of the plot. It’s completely different to anything that I’ve read before and I’m so glad I discovered this perfect series. It’s an unforgettable experience for me. And why was this book the most enjoyable for me in this series? Well for one, more was revealed and it satisfied my need for answers. There were also more inputs from what Gavin would be feeling and it helps the reader get to know his thought process a little better.

Because dead or alive, a beating heart can still bleed.

You can’t currently buy this book on Amazon (apparently it’s too extreme?) But it’s available on Smashwords.com. Click here to buy.

2 thoughts on “Terrorscape (Horrorscape book #3) by Nenia Campbell

  1. I don’t know if I’d like the book, but I love the way you reviewed it. Evidently, when you find a place “to sit and contemplate” You become a real charmer!

    So when are you going to write us a novel?

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