Finding Dandelion (Dearest book #2) by Lex Martin


Rating: 4 stars

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Finding Dandelion is a stand alone book in the series Dearest by Lex Martin. I had the privilege of reading Dearest Clementine (Book 1) and I absolutely loved it. When this came out I knew I had to purchase it. This is one of those happy, lovable new adults with which you can’t really go wrong.

So Danielle (Dani) is the main female character and the book is told in turns from her point of view as well as Jackson’s (Jax), who is our male lead. Jax is Clementine’s twin brother while Dani is her room mate. So anyway, the story introduces us to a shy girl who is still trying to find her place in life and a boy who’s happy in his player and carefree ways. Dani is trying to rid of her nice girl persona because she feels it won’t get her very far in life. Therefore she decides that reckless things need to be done and that’s what she’s thinking when she makes the decision that a one night stand is what she needs. Jax on the other hand is all about one night stands, anything that involves no strings he’s down. But will he be able to discover something more for himself in places where he didn’t even expect?

This is one of those stories that I liked due to the easy nature and the characters of it. I very much loved this little group of friends that I discovered in Dearest Clementine and so getting a peek into he lives of other people among this was enjoyable for me. I felt attached to Dani mainly because I caught glimpses of myself in her. I felt heartbroken for her, she’s been through so much and yet she’s down to earth as anything. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and may be to her being a nice thing was bad but inevitably we are who we are, and I liked how to author displayed that idea from this book. But it’s not all serious. There’s actually a lot of witty humour from the ever charming Jax.

Not every girl is good at giving head, but it’s something that should be taught in school along with making pancakes. Two very important skills.

Did I say charming? I meant foul.

However, I felt something was lacking for me in my experience of reading this. I was initially going to give this 3.5 stars but that wouldn’t have really done it justice. May be I was looking for something else? I can’t pin point what that was exactly but I didn’t get everything out of it as I would have liked. May be it was the quick falling for each other, because I find it difficult to believe that a man who has only ever took the easy way out would so willingly take a more difficult path that requires emotional investment for a woman he doesn’t really know as well. But even so, I enjoyed their little union during that time on thanksgiving, it was adorable. And in actual fact both these characters go really well together.

I have another point to make. I notice that in a lot of books the boy is always put to blame for anything that may happen. I disliked the idea of everything being put on Jax’s shoulder’s when he was just as unsure as Dani about what happened. He didn’t mean to hurt her purposefully so why should it not be any of Dani’s fault just because she’s a woman, and why is it all on Jax to make it right, just because he is a man? I can’t exactly reveal the story of what happened as it would be unfair to those that have yet to read this book but my point is that may be females should take a little blame for once.

Regardless, I understood Dani’s pain. She never once felt sorry for herself but understood and accepted her situation. I liked all the emotion and feelings of hers that poured through the pages because her personality was very much like mine. I don’t feel like I can reveal much because part of what makes this enjoyable is the experiences of each character. Jax had a story, a reason for his play boy ways and it was something completely understandable.

To conclude, I can definitely say I was attached to this story. I love Jax and I love Dani. I love their chemistry. The scenes between the two, especially how they first meet, are really heart warming and have that butterflies in stomach effect. And I will certainly be reading the story of Daren and Madeline. I hope we get to see more of the other characters and the friendly banter because I felt that was a little missing in this story. I love Lex Martin’s writing style, it has humour and a gripping quality to it. And seriously, this woman knows how to use her hash-tags correctly.

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