Come to Me Quietly (Closer to You book #1) by A.L. Jackson


Rating: 4 stars

Genre: New adult, Romance

Come to me quietly proved to be an enticingly emotionally gripping read that had me constantly melting at the bonds I witnessed come to life in this book. The story is based on two characters who stand on opposing sides when it comes to defining their personality. Aleena is the sweet naive girl who has all the goodness that life has to offer. Jared on the other hand is a broken and tortured soul who never seemed to heal after being part of an incident in his young adulthood that changed his life irrevocably.

We are taken on a journey to heal and discover from the view points of these two characters. They grew up together and spent the better years of their lives in each others company. However things took a turn for the worst and everything seemed to shift in a completely different direction after an event took place that took it’s toll on their lives, especially Jared’s. Now 6 long years later Jared finds himself amidst his childhood friends; Christopher and Aleena.  He’s a changed man not the carefree young boy who spread joy wherever he went. This time around he’s a soul haunted by his unforgettable past. His body is covered in tattoos and still Aleena is drawn to the boy turned man who she could never really forget. They begin to rekindle what was left behind all that time ago during nights they spend in each others solace but they both know deep down that he cannot stay.

Yes, it would be wise to come in to reading this prepared for all the emotions presented in this book. Every page is filed with a different anguish that the characters can’t seem to be rid of. I have to admit it gets a little too much at times but I think the most gripping part of this tale is rediscovering yourself because you cannot let the past define you. I understood Jared’s trauma and had I been in his position I would probably end up the same way but I can see how he needs to let it go as it’s stopping him from fully being himself and enjoying all the little things in life. But we have Aleena to help him with that. I gather that the main point the writer came intact with was to arouse as much emotion as possible within the reader but I may think it’s a little too much for my liking. Because as much as the quality of the book was greater, I wasn’t quite able to love the story as much as I would have liked to. Now I don’t know the reason for that, may be because it was a little dull in some places where there could have been more intensity.

However, what i can say for certain is that Jared and Aleena have won me over in the sense that they are characters which I have come to admire for their strength and all that they have endured. I loved the fact that they were childhood friends, I think that was the thing that completely did it for me. Their connection which ran deeper than they initially thought, from which you cannot really help but love these two.It also helps that there were bitter-sweet reminiscent pieces of their childhood retold within a few chapters and you grow to sympathise with their situation.

Although this story had something I cannot pinpoint lacking, in the end it was the characters who seemed to win me over. The writer was exceptional in her ability to describe and emit the scenes which makes this all the more likeable. Jared still yet has a lot to discover and heal about himself and so his journey continues in the second part to this series; Come to me Softly. Because it is not easy to forget the past and it’s not easy to heal after scarring yourself most your life. I will be reading the next part to rediscover the world of Jared and Aleena. If you’re looking for an emotional, sweet and romantic read then definitely give this a go, who knows you might come to love it.

I see beauty and pain. Joy and sorrow. I see the good and I see the bad . . . and I love it all.

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