Reckless by Priscilla West


Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

This book proved to be a pleasantly entertaining read that was my highlight of this previous day that had just passed. It’s fun, quirky and tends to make you giggle a little in various places. I have to say though that I did have mixed feelings towards this book, not in regards to enjoyability just due to certain aspects and views which conflicted with my way if thinking. I will talk about them during the latter part of this review but first I want to lay out some of the background to the main story.

There isn’t exactly a major plot line that’s displays much suspense or drama, it is in fact a very much predictable story and similar to a few I have previously read however that in no way suggests that it’s any less likeable. In fact I was pretty much surprised at how much I ended up liking it regardless of the repeated plot lines I experienced. The story is told from the point of view of our main character,  Riley who is a very unique and open individual. She embraces life with open arms and is fun to be around. She likes the partying lifestyle which is how she ends up meeting our male love interest; Jax the rock star hero. He’s shown to have this enigmatic voice and musical talented that can cause a room to go completely ballistic over him. He’s also supposed to be a dangerous man and I say supposed to be because clearly he’s just an easy going, female lovin’ guy and poses no real danger. But I can see how one may presume that he is from his ability to draw so much unnecessary attention from his play boy ways. So anyway, girl meets boy at an indoor party venue. Jax is performing on stage and Riley wants to witness first hand the cause of all the riot the band is causing. So she moves towards the very front and that’s when she locks eyes with to-die-for hottie; Jax. After the show finishes he jumps down and walks across to Riley. She is completely shocked at what this man is doing and her feet stay planted firmly to the ground unable to move. Jax very enticingly whispers in her ear to meet him backstage in 20 minutes. And the story rolls from there! How this man who’s living a rock star life will ever be the right person to get involved with for our main character living the simple accountant life.

The very first thing I have to say that’s of absolute utmost importance is the fact that this story is hilarious throughout. There isn’t a boring or dull moment where you find yourself questioning why you picked this up in the first place (I have been doing a lot of that recently). There’s a great amount of friendly banter between the band and Riley. They’re all characters that you can love and adore as the story progresses further.There are many scenes depicted in a way to make you fall in love with the comical side of this story and that’s the main strength that this book seemed to hold in my opinion. As well as the fun character portrayals, the thought inputs from Riley’s point of view also increase the enjoyability of this story. She has this lively way of thinking about every situation which you start to adore during the first few chapters. The nature of this also enables this to become one of those stories that can be enjoyed while reading it numerous times. Additional to that, the whole rock star persona and life style this book had going on proved to be a point that had my complete admiration. This is my very first time reading a book regarding rock and roll. I have previously read book to do with music but none of which adopted the famous star life. I must say, it was a very good starting point in reading about the famous way of living as I know it must be difficult to portray that whole fun atmosphere that comes with rock and roll.

I fell for Riley’s easy going thought process she seemed to hold during the beginning of this book However, as the story progressed  I began to question my liking for this character more and more. I could say she irritated me to a great extent due to her tendency to self absorb in every situation in believing that it’s all about her. Her constant moaning about how he was trying to hurt her to prove something when in fact there could be many other plausible explanations which would have been easier to sought out. When Jax had personal things going on in his life she somehow felt to point the issue in her direction. I mean realistically, if you’ve only known someone for a week you don’t really point your nose in places where you may currently not have the right to go to, even if your in a relationship, especially when those things are really difficult to speak about. It’s always easier to play the therapist at a later point in the relationship where both of you at a comfortable place towards each other. Another thing I feel is important to point out is the fact that you cannot fall in love with someone over the time space of a week. A week is nothing. Things that contain a high emotional value take time to develop and grow and for this very reason Riley’s way of thinking irked me.

Don’t be put off by just this fact though I mean you can’t always love every single character. The story actually gets very interesting towards the end. You know how usually it’s the ending in which everything is revealed and things start to calm down as everyone lives a happily ever after. In this book, the situation becomes more intense and creates an atmosphere of angst which made me eager in wanting to read the next part in this series. I truly cannot wait to devour it. If you’re looking for a fun read which has no chance in you becoming bored then this is the one! It’s also one which you can repeatedly read so there’s not a chance of the book being wasted on just a single read!

My gaze slowly trailed down his bare torso to the chiselled contours of his abs. Gawd. Dayum. They were so well defined that I could’ve sworn they were airbrushed. I imagined that if the rock star thing didn’t work out, he could always make a living as a human cheese grater in a pizza kitchen.

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