This is Falling by Ginger Scott


Rating: 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, College Romance

Release Date: 29th August 2014

I have to say I am extremely impressed with the style Ginger Scott writes her novels with. She’s really becoming a writer that I profoundly look forward to new releases from. I read ‘how we deal with gravity’ a few weeks ago and that proved to be a book which provided me with a great experience and when I found it about this new story I knew it was one I’d want to read.

The main character is named Rowe and the story begins just as she’s about to start college. It’s a major step on her behalf as she’s had a tough past to deal with. She’s really timid and scared and all she wants is to return to her town without having to start a new chapter in a place she knows nothing about. And our main hero is here to save the day; Nate. He’s not the usual bad boy persona male lead that we witness all the time. He’s in fact the nicest guy you could probably meet. He’s charming, honest and one of those men you wish we had more of in this ‘douche-baggery’ universe.

This proved to be one of those sweet, heartfelt romances that are hard to forget. I loved every minute of reading this beautiful story. Ginger Scott has a way with writing novels that contain an element of real life issues that should be shown importance to in real life. She talks about real problems that can be difficult to overcome. In this book, we are taken on a journey of exploring issues involving social phobias, pasts that hold us down from embracing the person who we really want to be and even ideas involving wheelchair usage. Social isolation can be a very difficult thing to comprehend and deal with when one is put in such a situation, and to be shown the mind of the person dealing with such issues has left me more grateful that I’ve read this book then I can express. we don’t always realise how hard it is for some people to open up and I’m glad Rowe finally was able to meet those people who understood her trauma’s and didn’t think they should define her as a person. I’m also grateful for the act that we were shown a man on a wheelchair as being a normal person. I think people are afraid to accept the knowledge of disabilities being just a minor part of defining our being and personality. This story showed that it’s just a minor physical thing about a person, the same way one person has black hair and another has brown. It’s not something that affects a whole personality. It is indeed a rarity to come across new adult novels that don’t grate your nerves with pointless drama and extreme sob stories from the points of the main character.  Because God I am sick of these constant sob stories.

One thing that stood out in depth for me was Rowes character. She was portrayed as this girl who unmistakeably went through something extremely traumatic a couple years back but regardless of the fact that she had every right to never be okay again, she wants to more than anything. I mostly read about characters dealing with things through drowning themselves in endless amounts of self pity but Rowe was never one to feel that way. She showed so much strength and she recognised that she needed to live her life like it should be lived and she knew she deserved that. Throughout the story we are never once shown the girl who climbs back into the hole she just dug herself out from but we are instead met with a girl who grasps the importance of her own happiness. I am thrilled the author chose to shed light on this particular idea because many undermine the importance of life due to everyday struggles but this shows that we don’t always have to punish ourselves for our pasts.

I also found the love development between Rowe and Nate incredibly heart warming. Whatever they had was real there was no make believe to their romance. It was something that progressed through time and it was a romance I understood which trends to be such a rarity nowadays. This is also one of the reasons for why I gave this a five star rating, because of the originality of romance. It can be really difficult to portray a college couple as having something real and something worth relating to by the reader as we often come across issues that seem a little over the top or something with too much drama for us to handle. Such as with the concept of jealousy. I generally dislike any small notion of jealousy being added to story lines but this book dealt with that in a way that wasn’t too extreme. Usually I read about people getting jealous over trivial things  but because Rowe is just learning to be part of a relationship again its bound to be somewhat difficult for her. I just appreciate the fact that it wasn’t taken to a level where it caused irritation.There was no excessive or useless issues in any aspect and I believe that it is successful in breaking so many of the stereotypes that come with the ‘new adult’ book label.

I do recommend this story to anyone who is a sucker for romance. There’s a cute couple in love, there’s reality, there’s tons of things to love about a simple romantic read. Beautiful from beginning to end; I laughed, cried, smiled. It’s even one of those books which you know you can read again a number of times. Worth taking a chance on.

Dimples. Smile.  Accent. I’m sunk.

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