Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


Rating: 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Romance


I finished this book with an emotional high. I am still reeling from my book experience. It was




I remember while reading ‘Maybe Someday’ (the only other Colleen Hoover book that I have read) I was left with all this emotions that were created by a simple paperback and I had no idea how to get over the story. That’s exactly how I felt again after finishing Ugly Love. Colleen Hoover has undeniably become one of those authors who have managed to astound me with their ability to capture me with their presentation of feelings through simple words. I cannot get enough!

Ugly love to me was one of them romances that touch you deep within simply due to their emotional content. It didn’t exactly have too much drama or sadness attached to it but all the same the words made you feel written with their simple form. The story is based around Tate and Miles. Tate, is a career driven woman who recently moves in with her brother to attend a university close by. Tate is a pilot who is also very much career driven and that is the one most important thing in his life. While similar in the career department, their feelings conflict very much in regards to other issues. Tate is full of happiness and Miles; well Miles is Miles. He’s broody, hardly smiles and has a past that clings to him in a way that makes him live in both past and present. While he doesn’t want to get involved in any kind of romantic relationship, he makes an exception for Tate but also lays some ground rules of how their relationship is only to be a no strings attached deal. He doesn’t want her to gain any expectations from him apart from one thing. And while Tate is happy to agree, she finds that the struggle is real to avoid developing any real feelings for this man.

Colleen Hoover definitely has a way with her words that make you melt and consume you with their emotionally gripping quality. This story was written very simply. Their wasn’t a heck load of description and their wasn’t too much excessive information delved within the words. Like I said it was written in every simple form. However, I think that was a quality that made this book even more likeable. You would think that simplicity reduces enjoyability, but it had the opposite effect as the writer knew how to capture the readers attention within her words. I had a hard time being able to take a break from this book, it had me hooked from beginning to end.

This story swaps viewpoints between Tate and Miles, with every other chapter being told from Miles perspective. While Tate narrates the present, we are slowly taken on a journey of the past which is told from Miles 18 year old self. We are gradually revealed to his past happenings, how he was a complete different man at that time, and how deeply he was able to feel which certainly contradicts his present self. His story is revealed to us little by little, how every incident takes place that eventually leaves him as the man that he is currently. An unfeeling shell who wants to avoid emotion at all possible costs. His chapters tend to consist of fewer words than those of Tate but they hold mostly his feelings and how he grew to become involved so deeply that in the end he was left a bruised soul incapable of emotion. The way his emotions are written, is so intense in its nature. How each little sentence is constructed is truly awe worthy. I think it’s just something that has to be experienced first hand in order to understand where I am coming from.

I really have no words how to describe how intense this book proved to be and how it left me emotionally. For the first time I am very much speechless when it comes to giving my thoughts on a book and it’s effect on me. It’s a book that becomes difficult to put down once you delve deep into the story, you become involved as much as the characters and you feel everything that they almost as if you’re experiencing their intensity just the same as the characters. It’s captivating, each and every sentence leaves you bereft and no I am not exaggerating in the least. Their wasn’t a thing I can say that I disliked, may be it’s because I became a Colleen fan after ‘Maybe Someday’ and I may have become a little biased in my opinions and feelings towards her books? It’s a story about discovering the beauty after experiencing the ugly and sometimes the beauty makes the ugly worth it. As the title suggests but there are some very important messages you end up taking after finishing the book. Nevertheless, it’s an unforgettable romance and a must read, for every romance lover. I don’t want to make this exceptionally long, which is why I’ll end the review here.

“God gives us the ugliness so we don’t take the beautiful things in life for granted.” 

Purchase on amazon. It’s currently available on a really good price!

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