Bound to Accept (Bound, #1) by Nenia Campbell


Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Adult, BDSM, Erotica

Kelly Hauser is a 25-year-old hipster/brony/self-proclaimed geek who self-publishes romance novels. She’s also been in love with her best friend, Tristan Lesauvage, for fourteen years. When she finds out he’s broken things off with his latest girlfriend, she takes the chance to tell him how she feels after being stuck in the friendzone for all these years.

Tristan is shocked–and Kelly thinks that he must be totally repulsed when he tells her that he doesn’t think they’d be good for each other. But that’s not it at all. Tristan has been an active participant in the BDSM scene since he turned 18, and he’s afraid of wrecking what they have.

As Kelly pursues a relationship with her friend-turned-lover, Tristan shows her a kind of sensuality she only thought existed in books that had silly titles and covers with close-ups of inanimate objects placed on silk sheets.

Warning: contains sexual content and scenarios that aren’t appropriate for readers under 18.

My enjoyability of this book relied solely on the fact how it differentiates from the norm of other BDSM novels that I have read; very little as they may consist of. I’m not a very avid BDSM reader; my list contains only titles such as 50 shades, Bared to you and I can’t think of any others from the top of my head but you get the point. So the reason I picked this up? Well Nenia Campbell of course. I couldn’t fathom that she could write anything that I won’t enjoy so even though I don’t really care for BDSM novels, I read this anyway.

So talking about how this book differentiates from the very little in its genre that I have read. For starters, the male lead; Tristan (I love that name btw) isn’t like those other males in BDSM novels. He isn’t a broody rich man with a past that lures him into a liking for fantasies. His sole reason for participation is simply because he enjoys it. That’s it. There’s no hidden reason behind it, he’s a typical man and there’s nothing too dark about him. I also have to point out the fact that he’s not some rich billionaire who just happens to notice a girl one day and decides that’s the next female he wants in his bed. He’s in fact known Kelly most of his life. Childhood friends. From play swings to bondage play. But you get the drill. As daunting as that sounds I preferred the notion of them knowing each prior to deciding that they wanted some sort of relationship. I am a complete sucker for relationships that involve individuals who have known each other for an eternity before one day it’s almost as if you’ve noticed them for the first time.

This story is also a little about Kelly grasping a path where she discovers herself again, and it’s almost as if she had no idea of her own preferences her whole life. At first she delves into this world for Tristan’s sake but she soon realises her enjoyment is the cause of something she’s probably always wanted herself, but never cared to notice. She’s on this journey of trying new things, learning more about herself along the way and I think the whole discovery concept holds an undeniable importance for the story. I am in awe of Kelly and her bravery in taking steps that pull her away from her boundaries and enlighten her with knowledge of passions and feelings she’s too ashamed to admit she possesses.

So even though this was a story all about BDSM it wasn’t exactly overdone to the point where you find yourself forwarding all the scenes. That tends to happen often in my case when things become a little too repetitive in these kinds of novels, so even though this story was a little short and I wished there was more I’m kind of glad it wasn’t over compensated with irrelevant scenes and information that had no benefit for the actual story. The ending became real interesting. Yeah it sort of ends in a cliffy but I guess that particular fact will keep me coming back for more so with that being said where can I sign myself up for the next instalment? And can I please have it soon because me + patience for books being released = zilch.

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