Rating: 4.5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Release date: September 2nd 2014

Lauren Layne’s New Adult novel tells the story of a girl with secrets, a guy with scars, and a love that could save them both… or destroy them.

Broken was a beautiful story about two people who are unable to let their past go and letting it determine how they feel about themselves in the present. It is a story about seeking redemption through different means but ultimately finding it from acceptance. To me it is much more than a mere love story and I think for that reason I was able to cherish it.

The plot revolves around Olivia and Paul who are struggling with complete different things which have happened that they blame themselves for. It is told from dual point of views which makes it more appealing as they both play equal parts towards the story. Olivia’s from the high ends of society and has never had to worry about luxuries, she’s had it all handed to her on a plate. Now after something happened between her and her two childhood best friends, she wants to leave it all behind for a while to go help an injured veteran. Paul is a man who had it all going for him too but he decided to go to Afghanistan for duty. After a horrific accident he’s left with a damaged leg and scars which drown him in his own sorrows. He doesn’t find himself deserving. He is bitter and he has a mean tongue. Now that happens after their paths collide?

Among the many reasons it drew me in, one was the beauty and the beast kind of theme it sported. The mean hunk of a man who thinks himself ‘beast’ but really he’s beautiful and the innocent but clever ‘beauty’ who finds herself in the beasts castle looking after him. This went beyond looks and I have to salute Lauren Layne for being able to deliver such a story that was so different from other novels where there is always a hunk of a man who’s perfect and charming and a total gentlemen. I feel this book was able to give the reader something more meaningful that goes deeper than looks because at the end of the day, looks are just looks. There’s more to it than that. It’s about how the inside makes a person beautiful. Excuse me for adding my Philosophy to it, this is just a topic that I feel very strongly for.

I also have to say that the story succeeded for me due to the mere differences in the two point of views displayed. I think it must be a challenge to be able to write from two complete different personality points and try to get in to that mind set to create thoughts so opposing to the other point. Many writers fail with that skill. They tend to write from two views but end up sounding the same and it’s difficult to acknowledge why they chose to write from different perspectives in the first place when they sound exactly the same. But Lauren Layne has my full gratitude for being able to succeed and give me pieces of two very likeable (in different ways) people. Paul lured me in as much as he was a, excuse my French, d*ck. He’s one of them characters that you like regardless of the things they say or do. Yeah very broody indeed. I also admired Olivia because she was so clever and brave and stuck through what she intended to do all along. She never once wavered and was so caring. I think I felt for Paul the most because it’s understandable his behaviour due to his self loathing. It’s easier to make yourself seem like the bad guy when you have that much uncertainty brewing inside of you.

I just wish the book was longer though. I kind of think it should have finished a different way, their story ended too quickly. it may have also been made better if we got to see more of Michael and Ethan (two very attractive ex best friends of Olivia’s). They seemed very intriguing. Overall it was a very enjoyable read for me from the start to the end and I would highly recommend it for lovers of tortured heroes and romance. Look out for the release of this particular new piece on Amazon.

“You’re a monster.” I whisper. He turnes to face me, his expression betraying nothing. “You expecting anything else?” 



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