I Want It That Way (2B Trilogy #1) by Ann Aguirre


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Genre: New Adult

Release date: August 26th 2014

This story highlights the consequences of the actions you take when you set out to please society, what should be done the right way instead of yourself. It shows how many a times we’re so busy planning our lives, everything down to the last bit of how something should happen that we forget to appreciate pleasant surprises, we feel threatened when something out of the ordinary threatens to wreck those plans. But we fail to realise that we cannot make everything happen exactly how we plan, we cannot anticipate every situation to the minute detail.

The story revolves around Nadia, and starts when she’s first moving in to her new apartment that she plans on sharing between 3 other friends. While trying to drag the sofa upstairs she happens to come in to contact with her interesting neighbour; Ty. There’s a pull, an attraction to find out more but the moody neighbour seems like he couldn’t care less. Then comes the late night balcony talks, which lead to more understanding of the fact that Nadia’s in to him probably more then she would like. With Ty being a single father to a four year old and his busy life working and looking after his child, Nadia working towards a career that requires her full attention at all times of the day, will their busy schedule, and Ty’s choice to remain a devoted father ever make room for a chance at romance for both of them?

There are many things I enjoyed about this story. I appreciated that the characters were shown to be living very busy lives and how making room for anything in between can become extremely touch, especially liking someone’s that’s unwarranted but cannot be helped. It’s an aspect of real life problems that were expanded upon and that was part of what made this story particularly appealing. The author was able to create a storyline that many readers can probably relate to and will be able to feel touched from the route taken by this book. There were also many supporting characters that I absolutely loved. There was good old room mate banter to make you smile along different points in the story, which gave it a particularly light hearted feel rather than just containing heavy amounts of emotion.

There were however some points among this story that just seemed a little uncalled for. There were pieces of dialogues that I was a little iffy about. Being a Psychology student I come upon points regarding stereo types that completely throw me off at times. With that being said there was a particular quote (I know it was written as a joke, but it still seemed a little uncalled for) relating to a street associations and individuals of dark heritage which left me a little bereft. I realise that not everyone is going to take that quote as a joke. With that being said there were other parts of the dialogue that drew me in instead. Such as:

‘We’d get pissed if someone slut-shamed one of our female friends. We’d argue that it’s totally okay for a woman to hook up for fun. But since Max is a dude it’s fine to judge?’

Bravo my friend! I would award that quote with a standing ovation. People always assume that it’s fine to point fingers at a man’s character and behaviour particularly if he chooses to have an overly stimulated sex life, and I’ve noticed this happens more than often in new adult books. the fact that this author decided not to go on that route of judgement has to be a positive step towards the improvement of New Adult books.
There were also parts of this story that were a little too out there in the sense that it became a little predictable. The fact that they’d just met but the heroine was already assuming that they’re ‘friends’ or how they already knew each other after a couple of days. I’m not a fan of instant romances and this story had more of that then I would have preferred.
The highlight of this book for me was the authors writing style. Some parts formed together to sound like beautiful poetry:

‘So I walked with him, noticing everything, like the way he matched his strides to mine without realizing, the way he turned to look at me when we passed beneath a lamppost, as if he didn’t want to miss a single glimpse.’

‘Life is messy and unpredictable;sometimes it’s a punch in the gut, and sometimes it’s so beautiful, it beings tears to my eyes. Life isn’t a fairytale.’

‘Some mistakes had to be made in glorious color, as the sweetness of irreplaceable memories lasted forever, long after the ache of loss faded.’

The author certainly knows how to capture a heart warming moment to the point where you become engrossed in it yourself. These types of quotations made this book worthwhile for me and it’s difficult to not become as involved in the moment as the main characters themselves. It’s a method that holds your attention going forward in the story. This asset increases towards the end of the book making it my favourite part in this whole story. There’s a happy conclusion for all and it points to many lessons that the reader can take with them once finished. So if you’re a fan of new adults and are looking for a easy read to pass your time, then do pick this up upon release!

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