Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) by Pepper Winters


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Dark, Suspense

Not suitable for younger audiences

Warning: Please note this is book one of a series. It is a Dark Romance that will unfold slowly with many twists and turns. In true Pepper fashion there will be a HEA. You just have to see past the darkness for the light.

“I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It’s undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you’ve paid off your debts.”

Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past. The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave. She has no choice in the matter.

She is no longer free.

Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. Her life is his until she’s paid off a debt that’s centuries old. He can do what he likes with her—nothing is out of bounds—she has to obey.

There are no rules. Only payments.

Where do I start?!
This book explores a storyline that I haven’t really experienced in a dark story up until now. There are historical promises bound by ancestors at a time long ago from now and the power they display is evident seeing as years later those promises are still being alive and kept. There are powerful families oozing in money and debts to be extracted by methods that have the power to drive the sanest person over the edge.

Nila Weaver is a woman business woman, career-centred as well as being deeply involved with her family. There are only two people in  the world she has a care about; her father and her brother. As strict as her upbringing may have been, she can’t deny that all their actions are to allow her  the benefit of feeling protected. Theirs always one thing she regrets though. Not being able to enjoy the comfort of another man. So she has a secret; sexting an unknown man named ‘kite007’ just to have something she can participate in without her family’s interference. Then one day her father introduces her to a man, Jethro. She’s shocked, unbelieving that such a thing could happen. She’s suddenly curious as to what special qualities this man possess that allowed her father to finally have her introduced to a man. And well….the rest of the tale must be experienced first handedly.

The author has an undeniable talent in her way of delivering eloquent writings that cause the reader to be able to have an experience that convey in an almost real life fashion. Everything is displayed in precise detail which allows more understanding of the characters behaviours and the reasons behind them. It all stood out enabling me to devour every little bit of the story. It becomes evident, the intoxication this writing presents when you get the chance to read it. BUT (there’s always a but) as much as this was a power play adding to the benefits of the story, I somehow also found it to be something not of 100% beneficial. My reason being was that I just found some scenes to prolong unnecessarily. Sometimes it would am to drag a little and I noticed lines being repeated just in a different form of wordplay. Therefore as intoxicating as the writing is, as much as it leaves a mark and causes am attraction that possesses you to continue reading further; there’s a realisation that not much tended to happen from the start to the finish of the story. There could have been more to discover if the story was made to be a little faster paced.

I can’t forget to point it how powerful Nila’s character was shown to be. She was the ultimate heroine. She didn’t entertain herself with crazy thoughts on seeing her tormentor as anything else than he really is. A monster not a lover. She accepted her situation with a strength over her soul which she denied access to from anyone, she tried to remain true to herself without acts of stupidity. There’s no fairy tale bullsh*t. On the other hand Jethro’s character was presented in a fashion that showed him as exactly who he was. There wasn’t a hint at redemption; everything in his character displayed him as being the sociopath that he is. The paragraph’s written in his point of view represented the cynical man to perfection. It reveals to the reader a glimpse into the villain of the story’s corrupted soul. I’m really not rooting for him to turn out as our heroine’s saviour in the end because I don’t think he has a single quality that will enable him to develop even a drop of remorse. It all comes down to his upbringing and it’s clearly too late to save him from his own self.

just as a fore warning; this doesn’t exactly have a complete ending,I guess the real ‘happily ever after’ will be provided in the final instalment therefore this felt more like the intermission. But I can say with little doubt that I will be coming back to read the follow up to this series. It’s hard to give up an opportunity to discover Nila’s unsteady future and what she must ensure next that tests her boundaries inexplicably. I hope I don’t have to wait for very long because it’s so damn interesting!

“I was a hunter. Skilled with both bow and arrow and gun. I stalked the weaker and slit their throats when they succumbed to my careful aim.
But sometimes I liked to… miss. I liked to give them a small window of safety, all while closing the noose when they didn’t expect it.
I liked to play with my food.”

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