Remember When 2: The Sequel (Remember Trilogy #2) by T. Torrest


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: New Adult, Humour, Contemporary Romance

I love when I happen to come across a series that captures my attention in such a way, that I find it difficult to do much else but carry on reading until that series is finished. This happens to be just one of those type of stories. I think anyone in their right mind is bound to love this book, because I just cannot imagine how anyone wouldn’t!

The plot in this part takes us 9 years ahead of time, where our beloved heroine Layla is 26 years of age. Everything is different for her now in the adult world (as much as she dislike the big bad world of growing up). So anyway, Layla is residing in New York and is struggling to gain a promotion from a copy writer to actually being able to develop an article from her own abilities for a magazine. She also happens to be engaged, and no it’s not to the gorgeous, actor in the making, Trip. Talking about Trip, it just so happens that he is residing in New York currently for the purpose of filming his movie but since his career started taking off, him and Layla haven’t been in touch so it’s not as if they can say hello and pop back into each others lives. But destiny decides to present Layla with a chance of a career altering opportunity in the form of developing an interview with Trip. Dundundun… The rest cannot be revealed!

The main attraction I gained overall from this story was the fact that it takes the reader on a journey through different stages of life. Every different mile we deal with different issues and this one entails the stage of discovering our true selves and who we want to be as well as who we are meant to be. The characters are shown to be finding more about themselves along the different experiences through this book and we get answers to many questions that were left unspoken in the previous part. The greatest lesson I took from this book in the end…. Never hold back your true feelings thinking about what if’s. I can say I really did learn from Layla! Her character development plays a major part throughout as well. We get to discover her true identity as the story develops and like I said previously, it’s not always about doing what’s supposed to be done, but sometimes you have to do what you truly require from yourself.

The scenes that unfolded in this story had me reeling. they were depicted so well and held a great deal of emotion which could be felt deeply by me as a reader. The way the description and emotions were narrated held a great deal of importance in my likeability of this book. You know when you can easily feel the chemistry between the characters and it’s such an amazing thing to experience? That’s exactly how it was. And in places it does tend to make your heart break (mostly during the ending- oh the ending is the best part). But as much as the first book was jam packed with humour, this one is too so be prepared to laugh! Absolute must read! (After reading the first part of course).

“When do you quit wishing for things to be different? Months? Years? Decades? You think that if a sufficient amount of time goes by, it should be enough to help you stop caring anymore. But it doesn’t. Ever.”


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