Mine to Have (Mine #5) by Cynthia Eden



Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release date: September 15th 2014

This book is for all of you romantic suspense lovers, those who love a bit of action amidst the stories they read. The storyline revolves around Elizabeth Ward and Saxon Black, two people who encountered each other in a difficult situation. Danger lurks around each corner as Saxon tries to protect Elizabeth from those who wish to eliminate her. Saxon feels his attraction to Elizabeth growing stronger and it’s something he cannot deny himself. There’s a lot of tension and Saxon is willing to protect Elizabeth from any risk that may come their way.


The very first paragraph had me in utter amazement. It was written out brilliantly, captured my attention, and had me eager to find out what this book held in store for me. It was a perfect way to ensure that the reader stays hooked. The thing which appealed to me most to this story was how it was fast paced throughout. There wasn’t any unnecessary babble about things that held no value to the actual story. Everything narrated held significance in what the story was about. I loved that. So many times I’ve read books that talk about utter nonsense throughout and once I get to the ending I fail to see the point of the actual book since I lost interest a long time ago. That another factor I appreciated, how it wasn’t very long and it proved to be an excited little read for me.

Saxon was this wonderful package of all alpha male, who likes to get his hands dirty. I love an action which contains an all-powerful man who knows how to take care of his business and that provided in a romantic suspense (my favourite genre) equals a pleasant read.


No story is perfect and there some things I experience in this which weren’t very appealing to me. I was unable to form a connection with the characters and that resulted in me not being able to feel the chemistry that came with the love story. it could have also been because it was a the quick type of romance where they instantly fall for each other after spending such little time together. I’m not usually a fan of these instant romances as I can never understand how love evolves in a short period of time. Also it was written in third person and being honest, it did enable the suspense to hitch a little higher in this story, kept me on edge trying to decipher what was really going on and who was it that’s after Elizabeth. BUT because of that I couldn’t really delve into the characters mind-sets or why they felt what they were feeling. That personal connection I look for? Yeah I couldn’t really experience it. But that’s just what I personally felt and I reckon it depends on each individual reader’s experience.

To conclude, this is a very enjoyable book. It keeps you wondering about what’s behind the curtains. It’s enjoyable and you may experience difficulty in putting it down without completing it. The writing was presented in a way that holds your attention throughout. The ‘Mine’ series by this author is a perfect fit for romantic suspense fans. Keeps you captivated and pulls you into its charm from the very beginning. I sincerely hope I get to witness Victor’s (Saxon’s brother) story in the next part.

He hadn’t seen that one coming. it wasn’t often that Saxon was caught by surprise, but when the sexy little tease had been pressing her body to his so temptingly and offering him the sweet heaven of her mouth, he’d dropped his guard. Stupid mistake- thinking with his dick instead of his brain, so the bit of pain had been earned. He’d be sure not to make another dumbass mistake like that one again. No matter how pretty the last was. Besides, she was about to become SEP-someone else’s problem. And he was going to ride off into the sunset. Hello, new life.


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