Elite (Eagle Elite #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

20706749Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Genre: Young Adult, College, Mystery

For Tracey Rooks, life with her grandparents on a Wyoming farm has always been simple. But after her grandmother’s death, Tracey is all her grandfather has. So when Eagle Elite University announces its annual scholarship lottery, Tracey jumps at the opportunity to secure their future and enters. She isn’t expecting much-but then she wins. And life as she knows it will never be same . . .

The students at Eagle Elite are unlike any she’s ever met . . . and they refuse to make things easy for her. There’s Nixon, gorgeous, irresistible, and leader of a group that everyone fears: The Elect. Their rules are simple. 1. Do not touch The Elect. 2. Do not look at The Elect. 3. Do not speak to The Elect. No matter how hard she tries to stay away, The Elect are always around her and it isn’t long until she finds out the reason why they keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. She just didn’t realize she was the enemy — until it was too late.

After finishing the first chapter of this book I was like “Hell yeah, this is going to be amazing.” I was expecting this to go down a completely different route to the one that it actually took but what the hell, it wasn’t so bad after all. This book has proved kind of difficult for me to rate so here goes my attempt at trying to finalise my thoughts…

I think it’s safe to say that the plot for this story was great. I’m all for the storylines that take on a role that’s so far-fetched from reality. Because it’s a story right so that’s what stories supposed to contain… bizarre happenings that make sense in the little story world but not real life. So for that reason I was riveted by the building of the story. There are some scenarios that had me like, “wtf is this for real?” But I kept reading because I kind of really wanted to know what would happen next. I liked all the actions that took place, how fast things were able to progress in regards to the story, how everything was just so extreme and crazy. I was able to appreciate that specific factor of this book.

I had an issue with the female lead of this book. Trace was a little difficult to understand, how she realises her whole life was a lie yet she has no issue with it, no emotion to show how torn she is. She acts more like a 15 year old rather than an 18 year old adult. And being honest this book held more of a young adult vibe rather than new adult. The way everyone behaves it’s difficult to comprehend that they’re in fact in university and not high school. There was a lot of teenage drama, things that would most likely happen in a young adult book instead of a new adult. If I was reading this book a few years back while on my young adult era then I can say I probably would have enjoyed it better than I did this time around.

And now getting to the romance. I had difficulty coming to understand how two people were able to vow their love to each other over the span of two weeks? That’s not love. That’s teenage hormones. Even if they were somehow able to create something dear over such little time, it wasn’t presented in such a fashion that enabled me to sympathise and understand their so called love. I was the mere outsider watching in from afar rather than becoming one and experiencing the emotions along with the characters.

So overall, this was able to humour me for a few days. As much as some ideas completely bypassed my mind, it was still a story that held me captive. The audacity of what happens kept me reading but I can say it could have been made more attractive for me if it held more incentive and if  everything wasn’t made to be so meaningless. I can say though I WILL be reading further and catching up with the next part because I just have to know what happens next!

So if you love crazy?

You love the mafia?

You don’t mind reading young adult?

It’s worth giving it a go and gaining an opinion for yourself.

I conclude with this character quoting from the beginning of this story…

“We are untouchable. If you so much as sneeze in our direction, if you as much breathe the same air in my atmosphere, I will make your life hell. This touch, what you feel against your skin, will be the only time you feel another human being as powerful as me near you. So like I said, feel it, remember it, and maybe one day, your brain will do you the supreme favor of forgetting what it felt like to have someone like me touching you.”

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