Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy #3) by Karina Halle

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Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

This book becomes really difficult to rate considering how the writing, storyline, action is presented in a wonderful way but then there are other things that tended to bypass me completely. I guess it’s an individual matter of opinion really. Depends on what you like, what irks you etc. So having said that, it’s better to acknowledge that all opinions presented are my own and there will be people out there who don’t agree with what I have to say. And this was a great book, really, it’s just that there were things I didn’t agree with.

This series has proven to be an enjoyable little time pass for me. The action was fantastic. I absolutely adore suspense novels and therefore I could appreciate this book. There was always something going on and especially this last book, was really fast paced. The author has a way of depicting each action scene that enables it to flow perfectly. So there writing wasn’t much of an issue for me because being honest the talent in the words is clearly evident.

where the problem for me lay however was the character from which i had to read the story from. When the book is clearly great but you have to read it from the viewpoint of a character which you could not care less for? Yeah it becomes rather difficult to fully engage in the story. I could not find it in me to sympathise with her, I did not feel her pain and due to my inability to connect with Ellie in that manner I found myself not being as involved with the happenings of the story as I would have liked. I can admit however that around 75% of the story I understood her a little better, and for the first time I felt as if I could justify her actions and see her point.

I always felt as if she considered it okay to take action, do what she must to survive but when Javier does the same she feels betrayal. I felt for him deeply. I did. I’m not saying his actions were correct or that I only liked him for his assholeish behaviour, but I understood that he went through many tribulations in his messy life, he saw many horrific things, he suffered, had his heart broken therefore the way he turned out can be understood and I don’t blame him. He can’t exactly chase after a woman after all she put him through. After gaining rejection. I don’t understand how Ellie expected him to still he true to her, do everything for her happiness when I agreed that he should in fact be looking out for himself like he did. Because it truly was every man for themselves and Javier clearly couldn’t rely on Ellie to return any of his kindness and love should he have provided her with it. She fails to see she lost her chance and that it is indeed accounted for if Javier doesn’t want to give her much importance any more. BUT then again, I do kind of believe that he lost his chance for redemption in the end. He had it, but he chose to let it go. And I guess he really did become a corrupt soul the product of his environment.

The ending was amazing. The last scene fit in perfectly and it was a sublime way to end the series. In the action, the drama, ahh simply brilliant. Then the happy ending I long to witness at the end of every book, I got that too. And I guess that for me redeemed this story and it will be pretty difficult to forget Camden, Javier…and possibly the other characters too. So in that sense this book did end up leaving a mark.

“I realized you and I are as toxic as the poison you put in my necklace. That has always been the truth and that will never change. The us that was is gone. This is the new us. We can help each other and if we can’t, then we shouldn’t be in each other’s lives.”

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