Good (Too Good #1) by S. Walden


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit

This book was actually ‘Too Good’ as the title suggests.

I loved it. Cherished it.

Definitely a favourite of mine.

So Cadence is a good girl (duh as the title proposes). She follows the rules, goes to church, doesn’t mess around, has a good social standing (ps I will be using the word good a lot). But then she makes one horrible mistake that threatens to rock her world as she knows it. Judgement. Loneliness. A will to make better what she destroyed. And then Mark comes along in the picture, and she just cannot help herself. But God help her, things are about to change even more.

Let me start of by saying I loved Cadence’ character. She was portrayed as this typical high school girl dealing with all this drama that comes along with being a teenager. Listening to other people’s judgements and trying to deal with it in the most mature way. She may have made one mistake but she truly is as good as they come. She has this belief of trying to be as good as she possibly can to avoid any more trouble, to make people believe that she is decent enough. And her upbringing has instilled these values in her as well, values she tries so hard to keep. I think I have to applaud her for being as strong as she was after hearing so many hurtful things and doing the grown up thing and turning the other way. High school can be a riot but she kept her strength and kept true to herself. She didn’t react but shrugged it off. And her parents are not exactly the most understand kind but they’re really strict towards her. I mean I guess they have a right to as what she did isn’t typical but their inability to understand their own daughter was kind of difficult to comprehend. She tries, she really does. Along with being a Christian her values are always in question as well. Her life is difficult. I really enjoyed reading through it and it’s strange because of my tendency to dislike high school stories but honestly this was so brilliantly written. The author input humour along the way which makes you smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Honestly though, I really was laughing out loud in many places.

And that reference to her parents denying her the privilege of watching Vampire diaries?!

Say what now.

“May I watch the Vampire Diaries?”


“May I be excused from dinner early?”


“May I take a walk around the neighbourhood?”


And there’s this absolutely hilarious scene where she’s getting a Brazilian wax. I mean exact detail of everything. If you know the pain, you understand the struggle.

The things that come out of that girl’s mouth. My God. You HAVE to read this!

I also appreciated the fact that this book contained some really important life lessons. Now I’m not saying it was all to do with quotes and deep, meaningful sayings…I mean it was in a way but it was toned down and adding between the lines. But it was so easy to grasp all the meanings and truly take heed of the messages. Life is already difficult at Cadence’s age when you’re trying to find yourself and she got involved in things that altered everything she’s ever known. But I don’t think it changed who she was; she still believed in her faith, didn’t matter how many mistakes she made that contradicted how everyone around her was practising that faith. Because she wasn’t a bad person and I loved how this book shed light on all these issues that are so common to witness in society.

“Get a clue, girl! Love doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get mad sometimes. Or say hurtful things. Or do really stupid things. We’re human, hello? We’re not perfect.”

And what was with that woman being called ‘Fanny’? I swear I can never understand that name. Whenever I read or hear that word I only think about vaginas. So that woman being named ‘Fanny’ blew me. I was childish and laughed every time I read it.

So overall, this is a great book and I truly mean it. Everything about this book was so great to experience. The love, the laughter, the characters, messages…everything! The growth of Cadence and her discovery of herself is the true journey this story takes. A young, Christian girl falling for her teacher. Yup. That never goes well right? I cannot wait to read the next part! I am truly hoping it doesn’t disappoint. And you will Love Mark. Really he’s adorable and an image of perfection.

I realised in that moment that I was one hundred percent female. Sounds silly. I knew it all along when I looked at my naked body, but for the first time I was seeing my naked mind, open and vulnerable to me, revealing that feminine wiring so distinctively different from men’s. Not anything of weaker value. Just different. Maybe softer. And that wiring showed me my desires. I wanted him to cradle me in his arms, tell me I was beautiful, and take care of me.

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