Nearly Broken (Nearly #1) by Devon Ashley


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Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

This book took a new turn at the whole ‘trafficking’ theme. For one, the story revolves around how the main character copes with life AFTER getting out of the whole mess. It’s to do with a girl who doesn’t much remember her time with the man who bought her except knowing that she was kept drugged all the time and the details of how she managed to escape his clutches. All Megan knows is how to live in fear, always keeping her eyes out for one of the two men who managed to taint her. Every dark corner has her alert. She manages to create a life for herself in a small town, keeping herself out crowds, just getting by being unnoticed. And then there’s the whole disappearance of Claire, a girl who disappeared and who looks exactly like her. With the encounter of the man who just joins the place she works; Nick, everything she’s known so far threatens to crumble down leaving her unaware and unsure of herself and her life.

One of the things that managed to catch my eye was the fact that it’s a little different to other stories relating to human trafficking. such as touching on the topics of what happens to the girl who escapes that fate but is left to tackle it all on her own with no one else to help her through it. It’s obvious how strong Megan must have had to be to cope with everything that life handed to her without breaking down. We’re always shown the situation of  where a girl is going through the whole process of being sold but never really shown the after affects it must have. to me this was a highly positive aspect of the whole story and it gives a clear message of the strength that must be shown in situations like Megan’s. This wasn’t made in to a story about Stockholm syndrome (like many have). There aren’t many ‘darkly disturbing’ scenes which was also a pleasant surprise. It’s not made into some sort of sick fantasy i mean the girl has a normal boyfriend.

There were times during the middle of the story where i felt like I wasn’t exactly happy with the story. I just thought that it would all go downhill and may be I wouldn’t enjoy the story as I already predicted what would happen. but boy was I wrong. The ending completely had me. I actually never anticipated THAT would happen. Then i stayed glued to the last few chapters because honestly, it was probably the best part of the whole story. I felt more connected to the character and her feelings, having a sense of understanding, during that final part. I felt her pain, her helplessness, and I really have to applaud her for the strength she showed yet again.

I will be reading the next part. I mean how could I not after that ending?! I’m excited to find out what happens next and getting to experience the story more. I feel like, the whole journey’s just actually starting and everything that’s happened so far was just the build up.

“I no longer liked the night. The darkness was where he lied in wait, waiting for it to swallow me whole, suffocating my senses with fear.”

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