Grayson by Lisa Eugene


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Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mental Health

The storyline revolves around this complex but wonderful man named Grayson. He’s living an isolated life with minimum human interaction before Annie comes into the picture and decides to intrude in his space. Annie is employed by Charles to clean up his father’s home due to the utter chaotic state it’s currently in. She’s warned from the beginning not to venture anywhere up to the second floor but curiosity gets the best of her.  She sees this handsome man who chooses to live in seclusion. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic trying to battle everyday on his own. She wants to win his trust. To be let into his life.

One of my favourite things about this story was that it touched on a very delicate subject. I’m glad it was able to give the readers so easy basic insight about schizophrenia as many people only view it as some some disease. The sufferer is very much human and deserves to live a normal life. The way people view mental illness can be very alarming. Is not something that defines you and it doesn’t mean that people can give you the label ‘crazy’. Is a tough battle and being treated differently just because of an illness is utterly wrong. This is where mental institutions go wrong but that’s a whole different debate which I will not go in to. But thank you Lisa Eugene for making people aware.

I am in awe of Angie’s character. She was portrayed as this woman who was so accepting and understanding on a really serious mental health issue but she never let that define Grayson. She stood by him through all his breakdowns, and honestly not many people have the strength to stick by someone through all that, especially in this day and age. This book broke all those rules. Angie is the perfect role model. What does age matter? What difference does being diagnosed as a schizophrenic make? She saw the actual person Grayson was and she treated him like she would anyone else. She has become my new favourite heroine.

“He gave me everything, took everything, and became everything.”

Their chemistry was amazing. Even with their age difference they broke boundaries. Angie saw the real Grayson and Grayson saw Angie’s desire to be a part of his life. They’re both different but similar in so many ways. They are officially my new favourite book  couple! And in case I haven’t already made it clear, I so recommend this book. I feel really strongly about it due to it’s involvement with showcasing schizophrenia in a different light. People have all these crazy ideas about that mental state and I am so glad this broke all those stereotypes. Being a Psychology student, it’s a really important subject for me. I thank the author once again!

“It’s a struggle to achieve balance. It can be a futile search for the absolute truth or an endless certainty of lies.
I’m constantly sifting through my thoughts, analysing them, looking for the truth. It never stops.”

2 thoughts on “Grayson by Lisa Eugene

  1. Nice review. I think it makes a pleasant change to have a romance that sends a social message instead of just being a romance! It’s nice to see a writer tackle a relationship which transcends some age “barriers” too. Good choice!

    1. Yep! I think the whole reason i love books so much is because they break all the barriers like you can literally write about anything you want. Such a great message it sends out too. Thanks Ian!

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