Degradation (The Kane Trilogy #1) by Stylo Fantome


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Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica 

This book was complete perfection.

I never would have thought I would end up liking such a story.

This is a story about satan and a succubus.

Degradation is the condition or process of degrading or being degraded. Humiliation. Loss of self respect. As the title suggests, this is indeed the story of a girl who enjoys being ‘degraded’.

Tatum always had her life mapped out for her. how she must live, her job, even the kind of man she was to marry. But then at 18 she does something completely out of her character. Sleeps with her sisters boyfriend, the ultimate degrading move that alters the course of her life forever. She finds out her true self, what she needs to be. So she leaves everything she has ever known to go and live her life exactly the way she wishes. Now seven years later, Jameson Kane happens to pop back in to her life. She’s completely changed from how he remembers and she thinks she can win him at his own game. So they both go back and forth, hurting, playing, degrading each other with words. Never does such a powerful game ever end well.

Tatum was portrayed as this complete badass woman. She does whatever the heck she wishes without the need for anyone’s approval. She’s completely at ease with herself and doesn’t care for anybody’s opinion. Now I hate using the word, and I do hate labels but one can even refer to her as a whore but it’s not like she really cares. Being so comfortable in her own skin. Her character astounded me. usually people are so bothered about how they portray themselves and want to be seen in the brightest light, as an innocent soul but Tatum walks around never hiding her real self and letting everyone see the real her. Now that’s called true bravery and I had utter respect towards her for it. I mean what’s the point in being ashamed? Tatum explains it well. I felt like she sometimes doesn’t find herself of any worth and therefore takes pleasure in the carefree lifestyle. As if she doesn’t think that she’s deserving.

Jameson was somewhat of a ruthless, filthy mouthed man. But I guess it worked for Tatum. Now before you go assuming this is not one of those abusive, masochistic male kind of romances. It’s really not even a romance. It’s just a story about embracing one’s true self and about breaking all the rules. So even though Jameson might have been a little typical in the alpha male category, their relationship was certainly not typical. For one, he wasn’t really the possessive and jealous type. Now if you’re an avid contemporary, new adult reader like me, you’ll notice a trend amongst stories where the main man is always so unrealistically possessive over his woman that she won’t even be allowed to have male friends. But not Jameson. He never showed any of those traits, he never tried to control Tatum’s life. She did as she pleased and I loved the difference I witnessed in this story.

Satan didn’t have feelings, and if she began to think he did, he would eat her soul – what little she had left to give.

There are many ways in which this story is a little different. The boundaries were a little blurry. I mean they both said whatever they wanted to each other without the added ‘oh my God how dare you call me such a name’ because they understood whatever they had and they still had respect for each other. Tatum wasn’t like your average heroine, Jameson wasn’t the average hero… everything was just so different and I loved it!

I have to say that this book certainly isn’t for everyone. Some people may even find it very offensive due to it’s nature and title. There’s a line blurred between degradation and self respect so if you’re easily offended by obscene language then this won’t be for you. But for the rest, you will love it!

The ending has me in tatters. I’ve just purchased the second book and cannot wait to get started on it. my expectations are very high in hopes that it will be as good as the first part. Hope it doesn’t start getting cheesy because that will completely ruin it for me.

 “Good girl Tate falls for Satan, who would’ve thought,” he teased. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m not a good girl,” she pointed out.

“Yes, you are. You’ve just gotten very good at hiding it,” he replied.

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