Wanderlust by Skye Warren


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Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Erotica, adult, dark

Not suitable for a younger audience. Contains non consensual situations and captivity.

“Freedom’s an illusion. We all live in prisons of our own making.”

The storyline was very promising. There was a kidnapping theme to it. The heroine is on a path of self-discovery after being forsaken from much outside contact for much of her life. After turning 21 she decides that there’s more to this world and she must leave to discover it for herself. So that’s exactly what Evie does. Only to find herself in the company of those her mother warned her of, Hunter. Hunter is a lost man with much of his own demons. He comes across as the devil incarnate at first, but there’s much more to him in reality. He sometimes loses the line between what’s right and wrong and so finds himself in a position where he considers kidnapping someone as permissible. From there they undertake their journey, in Hunter’s truck, travelling, discovering.

Evie was this confused, innocent woman who after being isolated her whole life, except from her mother, she wants to see what the world has to offer. But she finds herself questioning her choice after falling captive and whether it’s the price she wants to pay for freedom. She sees something in Hunter that allows her to open up and discover new things with his company, but she doesn’t know what to believe is true freedom and whether than still be acquired through escaping the bounds Hunter has her confined in.

“I was a caterpillar, my many limbs held tight to my body, wrapped up in a cocoon. He paved the way, eased me from a small and ugly life to a beautiful one. The transition had been painful at times, but never more than it would be to leave him. But that was the path of a butterfly-to fly away from the one who had made her.”

There’s a lot of non consensual contact, just be warned. Although it is not as dark as I  originally thought, it still has some very questionnaire situations that are thought provoking. I feel as if the mystery behind Hunter still wasn’t revealed after completing the book, there was still an aura of mystery and questions as to why he did what he did. I am still unsure as to how there feelings developed in to something more. And when it ended there was no expression or talk about how they felt for each other. I’m still deciding if it’s something I liked or disliked. For one the craving you get as a reader to have everything in a story have a conclusion wasn’t present but then it also enables you to speculate and assume the many possibilities that could arise for the characters and you are free to create that ending yourself.

I think one of the things that touched me most about this book was how Evie came out of her shell. She finally got to experience everything she ever wanted but just in a different way. Because the world isn’t really as innocent and pure as she may have assumed with watching it from afar, but when she becomes a part of it and gets to go out on her own, although she doesn’t find what she expected, it was still something real and part of the world. There’s both good and bad but what you experience is real and you shouldn’t expect something to be a certain way and if it doesn’t live up to your expectation then that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. It could still be something worthy, if only you acknowledge it’s importance. So yeah, many great things can be interpreted from this story and honestly, the message I took is what was so great for me about it in the end.

Do I recommend? Yeah but I don’t think everyone who reads it will understand the point of it. It’s not for everyone but I think the dark book lovers and one’s who keep an open mind while reading, will certainly appreciate this story. I wish there was more to it, but hey not every book is as perfect as we want it to be!

“No, you can’t do anything to me, not a goddamn thing. You think you’re clever, huh? You want me to open up to you, and then what? Maybe I’ll fall in love with you? Maybe I’ll let you go? Not gonna happen. You’re mine. I caught you, and I’m not giving you back.”

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