One Song Away by Molli Moran


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Genre: New adult, Chick lit

Rating: 3 stars

Release date:  November 30th 2014

After reading so many dark stories, this was a nice change. It was a fun, light hearted read.

The storyline: Claire Wright is having troubles with her life. After moving to a bigger town, in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a songwriter. But things aren’t going according to plan. After being involved in a bad relationship and getting kicked out of her apartment by her roommate, she decides it’s time to move back to her small hometown and start anew. After telling her mother that she has a boyfriend in order to stop her from being set up, she coincidently runs into her childhood best friend, Jake. She decides to ask him for help, be her pretend boyfriend so she can get her mother of her case. But old feelings turn in to new feelings which become harder to avoid.

This book flows more like a chick lit. It’s mostly about growing as a person, battling life and coming out knowing yourself and being content with you. In my opinion this is a great book for those who are a little unsure about life as the overall message this book portrays is about loving yourself and never regretting anything. It was a sweet little story, with nothing too heart wrenching so it’s a great read for when you’re in the mood for a chick lit.

Claire’s character was admirable for those reasons. She shows that she loves herself, she’s positive about all the decisions she makes. She’s one of those heroines who are strong internally and I don’t think we get to see enough of that in stories. Even though she’s made mistakes and some really bad decisions, she’s never regretted anything and only grown. She knows her place and her strength is definitely worth praising and admiring.

I learned all over again how to love myself for my flaws, my good points, and all the spaces in between. I learned how to love someone maturely. I’ve finally learned how to love without fear.

The childhood romance was one of my favourite parts. I’m a sucker of romances that come from long term friendships. Claire finds it difficult to remain in the friend zone with Jake after being stuck there for so long but she doesn’t really know if to develop something with him would be the greatest of moves. She also has no idea whether he feels the same way or if those feelings are just one sided.

Overall, this was a light hearted read and I enjoyed it. I recommend it to people looking to read a book from a strong female’s perspective and those who are chick lit fans. The only reason I haven’t given it the highest rating is because it wasn’t necessarily what I was initially looking for in a book. It has nothing to do with the writing (which I think was fabulously written).

Being an adult doesn’t mean never being scared. It means facing your fears, backing them down, and sometimes, whittling away them one chip at a time.

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