Almost Broken (If I Break #2) by Portia Moore

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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary

Please note: Before reading this, I recommend reading the first part ‘If I Break’ . It is currently FREE on Amazon so I really hope you take a chance on it! Here are the links: AMAZON UK l AMAZON US

What a wonderful sequel! This book had me in love from beginning to end.

The storyline: Lauren finally discovers Cal’s secret only to be led to even more confusion. Things aren’t looking like they’ll be getting any better but she does what she must do to keep her daughter Caylen out of this tragedy and have a loving family around her. Lauren had to forget about what she wants and keep her focus around her child. With Chris in the picture, things may not go according to plan. And Chris senses it too. With living a happy life with his fiancée,  he sees the trouble Lauren could bring and shake the balance of his world.

This book was as good as I had anticipated. I may have even liked it better than its first part although I must confess I missed Cal terribly. In the first book we see Cal and his ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude which explains my liking to him so much while contrastingly, Chris is one of the nicest guys you could probably meet. They were both such great characters to have had an opportunity to read about and I enjoyed the perspectives alternating in this book between Lauren and Chris.

One of my most favourite parts about this book was Lauren’s tribulations. Call me depressing but I just connected with her so much. Her character was well bought out, her suffering undeniable. But she survived. She fought. She accepted. And I loved her. The way it was written bought to life everything she was going through because I don’t think anyone can go through what she did and come out whole. Sorry but I just feel so strongly about her story. She didn’t succumb  to the pain but she did what had to be done, all for her daughter. Hats off to her for becoming one of my favourite book heroines.

Chris’ development was also something I enjoyed reading about. That man has serious issues. I felt sorry for him mostly but there were times when I felt bad for Lauren, due to his actions. He had many qualities though. He was just so nice, the complete opposite of what Lauren is used to but he may just be that chance at love Lauren needs again. He’s caught up between two women, not knowing which direction to take, what’s real and what isn’t. His life is more than a little confusing.

I honestly have nothing negative to say about this book. It delivered what I expected it to and I enjoyed the readers experience from beginning to end. I adored the characterisation, and the story…well let’s just say that was my favourite part. It was special, a little different and it’s one of those where you just cannot wait to find out what happens next. I will be waiting eagerly for spring 2015, bring on book 3! I recommend this to all romance lovers. Especially those who like a little anticipation and a storyline that keeps you wanting to know what happens next.

my eyes drift over to Chris. I’ve been trying to avoid looking at him. I haven’t been here that long, but I told myself that I shouldn’t look at him for more than five seconds. My eyes didn’t agree with me earlier. They still don’t seem to now. They follow his every move, waiting for another glimpse of who I saw earlier.

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