Captivated by You (Crossfire #4) by Sylvia Day

captivated by you

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Rating:3.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Erotica

Having been so busy lately with no in between time, I have been unable to sit and write a little review for this book. I know it was highly anticipated so many people have had the chance to read it. But there are contradicting views regarding it, which is understandable since I guess everyone had high expectations and. Now did I enjoy reading this? Definitely. I think it’s mostly due to having followed this series for a long time. Even though that whole alpha, billionaire scenario usually makes me cringe, this book gets away with it. I just really wanted to know how Eva and Gideon’s story would progress, I couldn’t leave it without finishing.

So Eva and Gideon are trying to maintain their relationship despite it’s intensity. Being in love is great but sometimes it just isn’t enough to make it work especially when both of them are very broken people, still healing from wounds in the past. Gideon doesn’t really have the knowledge of how to go about a normal relationship and therefore makes some mistakes along the way. Eva is just trying to get him to open up to her.

Gideon is one complicated character. I think I’ve learnt more about him in this part due to getting his point of view. He just wants to be in control all the time even if that means with holding information from Eva. What happened to honesty? He can’t be blamed though, not really considering he really does not get the jest of relationships. Regardless of his actions, he is a man committed to the woman who bought a change to his life just when he needed it. He feels as if repressing past emotions will allow his to move forward with his life but no it doesn’t work that way. The past always rears it’s ugly head in especially when not dealt with. But Gideon doesn’t deal, he just tries to forget.

So, I actually couldn’t recall what happened in the last book, some of it came back to me while reading but there were some things I couldn’t remember happening. I think the gap in between the release was a little too long considering not much happened in this part to redeem the wait. Sometimes the characters got on my nerves, and it seemed unreal how attached they were. It wasn’t heart warming it was kind of cringe worthy in places and I wished they both would shut up about the intensity of their lust towards each other. Another thing is the fact that Eva considers a Psychologist to be able to solve each and every problem there is. I mean they are very helpful people don’t get me wrong, but for absolutely every single thing? Is that necessary? Can you not deal with anything yourself? There were also way too many references too the uses of tablets, I mean I never knew if you were rich then you had to use a tablet for everything.

Overall, I enjoyed learning more about their story, I can’t leave in the middle! It’s one of those where you enjoy it regardless of the concept and personal opinions. I was just a little disappointed due to lack of actual story and a few other minor things mentioned above. But regardless, I think it highlights some very important parts of couple relationship issues, and touches on very much real life problems. I have hopes for Gideon being a happy man in the next book and finally getting over his issues of sharing control.

I used to think facing issues that made me uncomfortable showed strength and responsibility. Now, I realised that sometimes resolution wasn’t the purpose. Sometimes, you just had to take the opportunity to examine yourself better.

2 thoughts on “Captivated by You (Crossfire #4) by Sylvia Day

  1. “I was just a little disappointed due to lack of actual story and a few other minor things mentioned above. ” – I think here you really put it in one why I actually struggle to read any of this genre. Despite the various authors, these books seem to be very thin on the plot side and perhaps are only mant to be very quick ‘on the train’ reads perhaps?

    1. It was great when i first got introduced to the genre but the thing is the plot can be very similar. And it does get a little boring too. I actually completed most of this on my train journeys so I guess it is one of them tain reads.

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