Rusty Nailed (Cocktail #2) by Alice Clayton


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Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humour

This series just got better! I read the first book a while back but never got round to reading the sequel (even though it’s been in my possession since like forever). I’m glad I finally gave it a try. The journey of Simon and Caroline continues, a relationship that has been anything but conventional. And that worked for them. But what happens when it does start becoming conventional? As much as they are in love, every relationship has its problems. And soon it becomes a matter of communication, one being around and the other not so much. Job responsibilities, playing house…. And will they still manage to survive?

I enjoyed this as much as the first and may be even a little bit more. There are certain characters in certain books that you just fall in love with. Simon and Caroline are pretty much amazing. This was a light hearted fun book, which provides a perfect companion when you’re in the mood for a read that’s not too heavy on the sad side. It does make you laugh (although I think the first book was much funnier). There’s lots of banter and a little bit of drama.

“Well, good goddamn, Dr. Phil, color me impressed,” I said, clinking my coffee cup next to his. “So what do we do next? Y’know, as people in a relationship after they’ve resolved a conflict?”

“Pretty sure a blow job should follow this,” he said seriously.

I know many people had an issue with their friends playing a major part in the book, but I really believe that it was one of the high points for me. I loved reading about Neil and Sophia, I mean them two were really funny characters. I also loved Mimi and Ryan, and even Benjamin and Jillian, everyone was just so perfect! I highly look forward to reading more about each and every one of them in the next book.

I did find Caroline to be a little bit unsympathetic and very much self-absorbed in this book. She was just so immersed in her work life that she neglected her personal life with all the people she loves. Is the success worth it when you have to neglect the people you love? But every one learns their lesson. At least she had a loving and understanding man like Simon in her life who sticks around (but even that wasn’t appreciated by her).

There’s actually nothing about this story I can say I found disappointing. I highly enjoyed it. It wasn’t too cheesy but it was romantic. It wasn’t over the top either. Qualities that I really tend to admire in my stories. It was different, and I think it all adds to the book being a great one. I do so recommend to all romance lovers who also like a little bit of humour. Give it a go if you haven’t done so already!

Fucking gorgeous man. And the best part? The way he looked at me. Like I was the prettiest girl in the room.
“Hey, baby.”
The man was a poet.
I was too.”

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