Reparation (The Kane Trilogy #3)

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Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Erotica, Contemporary

This series has been so amazing to read, I cannot get it out of my head! I hate when a book I love finishes! And this one particularly had me wishing it wouldn’t end.

Tate feels screwed. Like all the people she has cared about in her life has hurt her. She wants revenge and someone to pay because she cannot possibly stand to feel guilty herself. Someone has to pay and Tate wants blood, she has no care for consequences right now. But Sanders is always there to rescue her, even from herself. And Nate becomes persistent that Tate give him a chance. But the Devil (Kane) cannot leave her mind long enough…

I loved each and every character in this book and I wish I had the chance to read more about them! I loved the portrayal of Ang, Sanders, Kane and Tate. They were all very unique in their own way and it’s hard not to appreciate that. I honestly adored the way they all cared for Tate and how there was this whole unconditional love vibe surrounding them. Tate’s relationship with Sanders was the most adorable. As much as she considered herself the bad girl, it was obvious that her soul was pure due to the relationship she developed with Sanders. He was always there, for both Tate and Kane.

And one of the things I liked the most was how Kane wasn’t this possessive maniac who forbade Tate to have any kind of male company. In fact he was even okay with cuddly time between Tate and Sanders, and I can guarantee in any other book that would have not sat well with the male main character. But they all have this level of trust with Sanders, which Tate and Kane could have done with between themselves.

I love love love Kane. I love his foul mouth and how he is never afraid to voice his thoughts. He doesn’t pretend to be the knight in shining armour for Tate, because he knows he isn’t. Even though he may be the guy who breaks hearts, he never pretends that it isn’t him. He doesn’t lure women with false promises, with him it’s all out there in the open. It’s hard not to love him!

I was so scared that I would end up detesting Tate after finishing the last book. I thought she would turn in to one of them heroines that dig their own graves but thank heavens she didn’t lose all her senses! Although she may have been a little psychotic, it was all enjoyment.

I could go on and on talking about how great everyone and everything is but to be honest I can some it up in a few words: ‘YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!’ I will always cherish this series. I cannot believe it’s over… it doesn’t even feel like the end. But it was pretty damn perfect.

Not Satan. Not Lillith. Eve was created from Adam’s rib. We’re part of each other. That’s why I can’t get away. That’s why he can’t get away. I’m not his subject, he’s not my lord and master. We’re the same.

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