The Sect by Courtney Lane

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My rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre:Adult, Suspense, Dark

Hope was the disease of the devil.

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I become when I discover a gem of a book, one that leaves me reeling and thinking about long after I’m done with it. I finished this last night at 3 am and it was damn worth it. I was sad to see the book end, it just left me bereft and I do not speak a single lie. I live to read these kind of creative and thrilling stories and while this may be the first Courtney Cole book I have read it definitely won’t be my last. I want to thank all those goodreads inhabitants who read this book and gave it a high rating, all of which enabled me to want to go ahead and purchase myself a copy.

This book is definitely dark and if you’re not already familiar with that genre then it might be a bit disturbing. Actually, screw that I would recommend this to you even if you aren’t familiar with the dark genre because it’s just that good. Just to give you a little summary on the storyline: Keaton ran away from her life with a good home, good family to find solace within living on the streets; hiding in plain sight. She’s running from a nightmare of her past she just won’t be able to escape if she continues living her former life, so she must adapt. It helps having a friend like Jeff who she abides with living the homeless life. She begins to really see that life isn’t all about the lavishing lifestyle and money but sometimes the little things must also be appreciated. One day while she’s feasting at a Church she meets two men, Reven and Noah. They wants to save her, but she doesn’t want to be save, they take her against her will anyway. She finds herself amongst a cult where the rich come to practice sex as a religion and people like her must oblige to all their wants.

I couldn’t help being taken away by this moving story. It focuses on how riches don’t always buy happiness and sometimes living simply is all that’s needed for contentment. There’s a thrilling secret at the end which reveals all the details about this crazy cult and why people would believe in using all their dark desires on another would relieve them of their sins. Is it just a way for the rich to have somewhere they can take their anger out or do they really believe the cults religious messages? It is definitely a very thought provoking storyline.

‘Thing about people around here, they have everything. because they have everything, thy can’t see us. They don;t want to see us. ‘Cause they can go home to their oversized houses and expensive cars, they can afford not to see us. Hell, and they wonder why their lives are so empty. Some people wonder why the rich can be so unhappy. I don’t. I know the secret. You see me here. You think I’m depressed? Hell no. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my durn life.’

I felt Keaton’s pain, man that girl has been through the worst kind of hell and she just can’t seem to stop suffering. And to come out of that and still be willing to survive, well I have to give it to her she’s one strong woman. She’s lost more than she knows, and Noah is able to read her better than she herself. The descriptions into her thoughts and feelings were so well done and I sympathised and connected to her character because of them and we all know one of the most important things within a story is being able to form that character connection. I won’t go into the details of all that she endures while at the so called ‘House of Rebirth’ but know it is very disturbing and animalistic and cruel to the extreme. I have no idea how the author managed such descriptions.

Coming to Noah, I hated him and I loved him. I didn’t agree with his methods, although I understood that he played his role as the torturer and all he did was what he only knew. The life at that house was all normal to him, as it was to everyone and they didn’t see the extent to which they were harming more than doing good. They were all truly blind people. I still liked Noah, he was Keaton’s one solace in hell, he did what he had to but he still protected and comforted her as much as he was able to. But he was one hell of a mind fuck. I just could never understand the truth from the lies with him and that’s where the thriller part of the story wins. And I began to love him even more in the end and I would have been content having this book go on a little while more because I adored it that damn much.

‘Pain doesn’t do it, not any more. What really fucks you up is the way I make you feel. what really makes your soul darken is the way I make you feel pleasure. It’s drawing me. I don’t want to stop. Maybe because I want your soul to be just as dark as mine. maybe I want your soul so devoid of light it becomes a vortex, consuming everything I fill it with.’

Overall, this book fucks with your mind. It keeps you second guessing and wondering about what could happen. It may be gritty in places, but I think it is very well portrayed. I have no doubt that yall will love this as much as I did. And all the complication related to this book will keep you on edge and this hands down one of the best in this genre that I have read.

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