Second Debt (Indebted #3) by Pepper Winters


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My rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark romance

This is the one series which I am currently following religiously. Seriously, it gets better each and every time. I am giving this a full five star rating just because I found myself deeply immersed within the story and that is one thing which lets you know how great a book is. So even though I had my issues with certain things within this book (because lets admit nothing is perfect) I still fully enjoyed and loved it.

In a way I felt that this part was so different from the previous too. Whereas in the first one I completely detested Jethro. He was the ultimate villain, the bad guy who was definitely intriguing and hot but someone who was still just a villain with no redeeming quality. However, in the second book, we discover a little bit more of Jethro, that may be he is the way he is just for his family’s sake but deep down he has good within him somewhere. But the third book completely showed me Jethro in a different light. I felt like I was seeing someone new. He proved the theory that he does in fact contain redeeming qualities but his circumstances have just forced him to be something evil, something he detests himself but ultimately, something he must definitely be. We are shown of his daily struggles, the inner battles he fights to contain himself and remain the cold bastard he was destined to be but all the while, his interactions with Nila are thawing his heart little by little. Oh I loved seeing this side to Jethro, I felt I was reintroduced to him all over again as this was his real self.

In places I felt that the lust was getting a little too much. They were unbelievably attracted to each other and acted like a couple of horny teenagers. I though it could have done with the horniness being toned down a little as I felt like the book dragged may be just a bit because of it. But otherwise their chemistry was something I believed in. It’s difficult to find a romance where you feel like every interaction is real but with this I had no issue believing so, hence another reason making it perfect for me. I did believe they were soul mates, even if destiny had them be enemies for each other it also had them become soul mates. They were more like each other than they realised, both fighting battles everyday. Jethro was the one who bought Nila’s true self to light. And Nila’s caring for him was the perfect kind; unconditional. Because no matter the things he had to do, she couldn’t deny what she felt for him. Even if he was destined to ultimately sacrifice her while extracting debts, she found comfort in their little moments and those are the ones that allowed her to survive.

Pepper Winters has a beautiful style of writing in this book, it was poetry, it was deep and I loved it. Just like after every other part, I cannot wait for the next one! I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on it because boy that was one HUGE cliffhanger!

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2 thoughts on “Second Debt (Indebted #3) by Pepper Winters

  1. Now wait a minute! How come Indebted #3 is the second debt? Why isn’t it the third? Something’s wrong here! I demand a recount! These guys are too lustful to count their debts properly!

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