London Red by Chris Haigh


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My rating: 3.5 stars

Genre: New Adult

Storyline: Paul is a very work orientated individual, on his way to achieving many things in the technical world. He doesn’t have the time for a romance but meeting Katy allows him to question his beliefs. Katy is still studying at university and has ambitions of achieving her dreams as well. She want’s love but still fears settling down young. The two go through many dilemma’s while going through the sale of Paul’s business plan and also when the past comes disrupting their newly formed relationship.

I read so many novels written by American authors or those just set in America that I never read about a place or context that is familiar to me. This was probably the first time where the language and places hit home for me. Hurray for Costa and being British.

So any way, I think Chris Haigh is a fabulous author. I think this is his first novel and if it is then I’d say it’s such a great attempt. I could see all the hard work in there and he is definitely very promising. He has a great style of writing which kept me intrigued and I have to say this is the first time that I am reading a new adult novel written by a male writer and I must say job very well done!

The book was definitely steamy, some amazing scenes although I felt some places lacked a little detail such as Katy and Paul’s first time trying something new. And there were instances where a certain event took place but we were told about it fairly quickly. I think as a reader wanting to connect deeper with the characters I would have preferred to know more.

Katy did kind of get annoying in places. I felt she rarely took Paul’s opinion although they were a couple, and there was a lot of trust lacking from her in their relationship. Paul felt like the only grown up and I believe she was a little too harsh on him. Another thing I disagreed with was the portrayal of a prostitute in a bad light. Katy nor Paul should have found it ok to demean another individual like that just because of the choices she made about making a living.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this story, I will be reading more from this author in the future as I think he’s done a fabulous job of presenting a story about two regular individuals just struggling with a normal relationship.

One thought on “London Red by Chris Haigh

  1. I know what you mean about America – based stories! It sometimes drives me nuts and I live here!
    It’s always nice to find one set somewhere else.

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