Ruin and Rising (The Grisha #3) by Leigh Bardugo



My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: young adult, fantasy

This book was everything and more. Where I had issues with certain things in the previous book, this one made up for it all. All the things I wish never happened or didn’t really understand in the previous parts; made sense to me in this one and that is what makes this such a brilliant conclusion.

I kind of disliked Alina in the previous parts. I mean I always thought she was kind of a little too self absorbed and even a little selfish but the person I witnessed her being in this final book truly made me forget all that. She definitely became someone incredibly caring and strong. The way she always helped her friends and tried to prevent any of her followers from experiencing any pain; she truly showed the qualities of a leader and someone who was supposed to be a saint. I loved how she dealt with little Misha, avoided him grief of being an orphan because she knew how that impacted her childhood. Just in all her actions I saw someone new, and my most favourite part was right at the end, how she showed understanding for the Darkling.

Even Mal began to grow on me in this part. I felt we weren’t really shown his character or got to know him properly in the previous books even though he was always present. I think that led to me not being very fond of him. But I completely loved him in this part. He finally came to me as the brave man we were always told he was. I saw him for that warrior and tracker and even witnessed his noble characteristics.

And the Darkling will always remain my favourite character. Why we weren’t shown more of him I will never know. I’m certain that I’m not the only one in the Darkling fan club. I still saw the good in him, he still was doing it all for Ravka, his home, but no one appreciated it, he was still the villain and Alina the heroine, when really they were both fighting for the same thing. Wouldn’t it have been better if they finally paired up? I don’t know, I guess I kept wishing for something knowing it would never actually happen. I do love dark heroes, only because it shows that there’s some goodness in the darkness and not everything good is always the best…but I guess I knew deep down I wouldn’t find that kind of story here.

Overall, I think everything played out brilliantly, even if some things came as a surprise or a shock. I got the finality and conclusion a final book in a series should always contain. It was brilliantly written, intriguing and I will forever cherish it. Getting all emotional now…

“You were meant to be my balance, Alina. You are the only person in the world who might rule with me, who might keep my power in check.”
“And who will balance me?” The words emerged before I thought better of them, giving a raw voice to a thought that haunted me even more than the possibility that the firebird didn’t exist. “What if I’m no better than you? What if instead of stopping you, I’m just another avalanche?”
He studied me for a long moment. He had always watched me this way. As if I were an equation that didn’t quite tally.

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