City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare


My rating: 4.5 stars our of 5

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Why have I never read this until now?!

Honestly, I have been missing out so much it’s not fair how I’ve neglected this wonderful series only because it was young adult and I was like ‘meh, who wants to read young adult books.’ How biased of me.

So I was actually lent this book by my manager at work and I wasn’t actually expecting it to be so great, but it was a brilliant surprise. I was soon so lost in this crazy world of magic and creatures and demons and it was so beautifully haunting. I mean it is difficult I believe to create a fantasy world that seems so realistic. I was literally so immersed in to this story so much so that it did seem real to me.

The storyline basically revolves around the life of Clary after everything changes one night while visiting a club with her best friend Simon. In there she witnesses 3 people commit a crime when really she wasn’t even supposed to be seeing those people there. Shadowhunters they call themselves who dedicate themselves to ridding the world of demons. Kind of like Dean and Sam Winchester you know. She begins to get closer to Jace, after being driven in to their world after that first encounter and together they experience some hefty adventures, trying to get Clary’s mother back after her disappearance. There are many interesting things revealed at each turn and the story just gets better and better.

The story is incredibly well set out. It’s interesting, the plot keeps you wanting to go on because there’s all this action happening and it’s difficult not to want to finish it in one sitting. Although that is rather difficult with how long this book is. It’s just one big fat adventure at each turn which is honestly one of the best parts. And who doesn’t love adventure?

I don’t want to prolong this review but just know that I found this a highly interesting and entertaining read. I didn’t actually read any review before going in to it, only after I finished it did I check them out and I was very surprised to find out that there were so many negative ones. How?! I guess everyone has there own tastes even if I cannot understand them. But I know I cannot watch this movie. The characters just don’t seem to fit at all with how I imagined them being and I cannot take any chances of anything ruining this book for me.

So yep, there’s my little review. Do I recommend? Hell yes. If you don’t mind reading fantasy or young adult, I say this is a must.

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