City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Clare



My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Oh man another brilliant book by Cassandra Clare.

I am honestly falling in love with this whole series. It has a way of keeping you reading on because there’s just so much excitement and tension. I kept telling myself, just one more paragraph and then I’ll do something productive but you know the one more paragraph turned out being the whole book and before I realised I had already finished it. And I wanted there to be more!

The first book was pretty brilliant but after reading this I can say that this was even better. How that happens I have no idea but it works out in my favour any way. Where the first was an introduction to this whole new world and the rules and things going on around it, this book took it one step further and it kind of felt like the story had just started properly. There was always something going on, not a dull moment went by which is what I meaning about all this excitement I was feeling.
I really liked Clary’s character is this one. She seemed to be really coming out on her own, whereas she was pretty much the invisible girl all her life, she can’t be that any more and she’s actually becoming pretty confident which was great to witness. I mean she is supposed to be a powerful shadow hunter and all. Jace seemed a little unsure of himself in this one. Whereas all his life he was that powerful shadow hunter, having the people who are supposed to love him the most doubt his intentions troubles him. He sees himself as this disaster waiting to happen so he puts this wall in front of him from everyone around him. He truly is the master at hiding his feelings incredibly well. There isn’t much of Simon that I wished in this one but he does seem to change completely. And I mean that literally. He’s a bloody vampire. But at least he starts growing up a little and realising he may be expecting a little too much from Clary.

The build up to the end was the most brilliant part. I think the author set it out incredibly well. There were scenes relating to different characters at each turn and each part ended with some new tension where I was left thinking ‘What’s going to happen?!’ but yes a brilliant tactic to keep the reader interested throughout. All that action and drama is hard not to love.

Finally I’d just like to say if you haven’t started this series yet then you damn well have to!

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