Yours Tonight (Reign #1) by Joya Ryan


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My rating: 4 stars

Genre: New adult

Release date: 5th March 2015

This has been an amazing little read and provided some brilliant company these past few days. I am very glad I got the chance to read this. Lana is this timid girl who’s stuck in a shell. Jack has an intense nature, he has a great need for control. Lana knows she needs to start believing in herself and not let people walk all over her and she receives Jack’s help in order to do this. She gives Jack control in their new relationship and all the while she sees herself growing. But there are secrets that they both keep and secrets always have the power to destroy.

I loved seeing the growth of Lana’s character as this book progressed. All her life after being treated awfully and used by almost everyone in her life, she finally realises that she can’t allow this to continue. Even if the people that are treating her such a way are those who are supposed to be closest to her. She meets a guy and it’s not like he’s prince charming and she wants to rely on him completely. He’s not there to save the day. But he’s more someone who helps her see her true potential and all that she can be. He’s there to help her progress in to a stronger person, one who’s not so scared any more. And he’s there for her to lean on through all of that. Seeing the emotional growth of a character is one of my favourite things about reading a story. It’s just the whole journey that leaves an impact that gets me. It did make me sad in a few places. I honestly felt really sorry for Lana. I was like girl screw everyone. Even if she did decide to start fresh in a different place I feel that wouldn’t have been running away but more like trying to get a new start.

The scenes were very well written and portrayed. Everything was just in the right place although it felt a little short to me. Or may be I just didn’t want it to end and needed to read the sequel straight after. Anyway, it was steamy, it was intense and I loved it all. However, I felt their relationship progressed to a deeper level too quickly without me even realising it. I understood how Jack this man who leaves a great impact wherever he goes, was really difficult to ignore feelings for but to already want to take it further with him? I felt that was a little Naive of Lana. And may be things between them should have took more time to develop.

Overall, this was a fabulous book. I enjoyed following Lana and Jack on their journey and I cannot wait to read the next part. Should be interesting to find out what happens next!

He was in control.

What he allowed me to feel was carefully orchestrated. He picked every word to paint a vivid picture, and watched my reactions. He was learning me. Like plugging in different numbers into an equation and seeing the value he’d get.

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