Unblocked – Episode One (Timber Towers #1) by Marni Mann


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My rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica

Release date: March 10th 2015

Derek Block seeks revenge. Frankie Jordan seeks professional dominance. He wants her, she wants him. Lines that can’t cross begin to blur. Things start heating up as real estate gets real…

Unblocked is a short novella part of a series of five in total. I don’t have much experience with novellas, I think this is my first one. I must say I understand the appeal. It’s short, and you know that there won’t be any unnecessary talk as it gets to the point. Every scene has a certain important part to play in the overall story so it kept me intrigued throughout.

The story starts in a very steamy way from page frikking one. If you love sultry books then this gives you exactly that. It’s one of those office kind of romances, where the boss/client is hard to resist. The story goes something like this: Frankie is real estate’s most popular agents, working for her dads company which she eventually plans on running herself. She meet Derek, her potential new client, and their attraction seems to spark from the start. There’s just something they see in one another which they hadn’t before and they realise it’s what they need. However, it would be highly unprofessional for them to have any sort of non-working relationship there’s that in the way.

I’d like to just point out here that Derek is a pretty unique character when it comes to other stories in a similar genre or setting. He is definitely not your standard business man. We usually see them with expensive suits and all but Derek wasn’t in to that. Flash is definitely over rated and he had his priorities straight.This also hints at his rough nature, he doesn’t need a suit to cover it up, he lets his true self show which I think was such a brilliant thing quality he possessed. Oh and he has a stubble. I am an absolute sucker for stubble. The guy never actually shaves, he’s casually going to parties where everyone is all dressed up and he turns up in casual wear like he doesn’t give a shit about what people would think.

I don’t know enough about Frankie from just this first part to hold any actual opinion about her. There does seem to be some story of her past with her ex boyfriend and I wish we knew more about it. I like her work orientated life though, she knows she’s the best and she shows it in her confidence stance. At least this girl has one thing going right in her life.

I am actually excited to read the next part and discover more of their story. It’s got my interest, even though it was a short story I’m already hooked on. At least the wait won’t be too long, thankfully!

His eyes narrowed and it felt like he was directly looking through my dress. seducing my skin with the warmth of his gaze. People passed me, one tapping my shoulder, another saying something as she walked by. I didn’t pay attention to them.Only one person in the room mattered at that moment…he was causing my face to flush.

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