Books everyone loved but I did not finish

Sometimes we come across a book that sounds fantastic, everyone’s talking about it being so great but when you come to read it yourself it’s all a little ‘meh’. And then it does not make sense whatsoever why everyone else seemed to love it. You keep thinking about what you may have missed out on or may be you’re just having an odd reading time.

This has happened to me so many times.

There are books on this list that my reader friends have literally been going crazy about but me? Not so much.
They may not necessarily be bad books, but I guess they just didn’t do it for me.

So here goes…

1. Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

This is literally like the number one book on this list. If you go on goodreads or basically any other review of this book you’ll see five star ratings where people are going on and on about how frikking fantastic this was. I personally thought it was rather boring. I didn’t really feel motivated to even finish it which says a lot and boy did it drag on and on. I think I may have read like 65% of it (which is a lot considering) and then I completely gave up. I tried to love it, I REALLY did but I just could not see the appeal that everyone else was. It was supposed to be book about passion but it was more comedic to me. Did I mention the main heroine is rather annoying?

2. Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Seriously…what the ever loving fuck did people see in this? It was the usual sexually harrasing boss and easily aroused assistant of boss, they can’t seem to keep their hands of each other and the guy is the standard horrible kinda guy. I don’t mind repeated storylines as long as you can pull it off, but there wasn’t even any connection or emotion between these two. Were they seriously supposed to have developed feelings for each other? If so, then I must be a blind reader because I honestly did not feel any sort of character connection.

3. Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

The number one thing which drove me mad about this book was how awfully slow progressed it was. There were a million descriptions about unimportant things that we could have very well done without. I get bored easily with that kind of writing so no surprise there. I didn’t see why the two main characters were attracted to each other and I don’t think I’ve even gotten half way through it. I’m all for crazy storylines but this was just silly.

So yes, you may come to love these if you read them but me? I think I’m past trying.

5 thoughts on “Books everyone loved but I did not finish

  1. I don’t get the love for Beautiful Bastard either. I downloaded it for free but after reading a couple of chapters I ended up deleting it on my Ipad. The characters aren’t too likeable and I just thought it was so boring.

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